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From Naples to Cairo, The First Nile Boat by Four Seasons Welcomes Riva by the Nile

From Naples to Cairo, The First Nile Boat by Four Seasons Welcomes Riva by the Nile

Located at the widest part of the west banks of the Nile, opposite to Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence is the First Nile Boat, which is Cairo’s newest culinary and lifestyle address in the heart of Cairo.

Adding to its range of contemporary dining restaurants including Xodó and Nairu is Riva by the Nile, an outdoors pizzeria located on the First Nile Boat’s dock outfitted with subtle and modern furnishings complemented by outdoor ambience and greenery. 
Riva, as translated into “riverside” in Italian, is inspired by its stunning position by the Nile, serving wood-fired brick oven pizzas, antipasto and dolce. Start an Italian gastronomic adventure with a variety of choices of antipasto: Caprese salad, Vitello tonnato, pane fritto, bruschetta al promodoro and a burrata salad freshly curated by distinguished Four Seasons chefs.

Choosing a favourite pizza will be the most difficult decision. Pizza marinara with anchovies, la Picante with salami or a Frutti de mare? 

The possibilities are limitless. Then, seal off the palate with a delicious pane cotta or a delicate tiramisu that will offer the aroma of fragrant Italy. Bring a good appetite for life and immerse the senses starters and pizza, with herbs freshly locally sourced from the Chef’s Garden.

“Riva is the place where you get the best of Italy and Cairo. Authentic flavours from my hometown Veneto and freshly home-grown ingredients from our Chef’s Garden, all served to you by the Nile,” says Michele Garbuio, Director of Food and Beverage.