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A More Comfortable Labor and Delivery Experience Now Available at King Hamad University Hospital in Bahrain

A More Comfortable Labor and Delivery Experience Now Available at King Hamad University Hospital in Bahrain

• GE Healthcare presents the Novii fetal monitors in the Middle East** for the first time, supplemented by a far reaching 3-day training for more than 90 medical attendants, midwives and doctors • Novii™ Wireless Patch System screens fetal pulse, maternal pulse and uterine activity, all with a single wireless patch, limiting inconvenience and changing the labor experience.

When it comes to labor and conveyance, comfort and security are basic to guarantee a positive patient experience. However, 'labor' and 'comfort' are once in a while utilized in a similar sentence. Up to this point, mothers to-be lashed to transducers, belts and cables precisely screen both the infant and mother. This confined the patient's movement, caused inconvenience, and required the medical attendant to continually rearrange the transducers, belts and cables with even the smallest development. Luckily, another remote screen is changing the labor experience.

Presently, for the first time in Middle East, King Hamad University Hospital (KHUH) in Bahrain offers the Novii™ Wireless Patch System, which screens fetal pulse, maternal pulse and uterine movement, all with a single wireless patch. It doesn't require any cables, belts or transducers, nor is re-positioning once the signal attained. The Novii permits real freedom and versatility which can enable the birthing process and give a progressively agreeable encounter to patients.

Patients can have the opportunity to pick their labouring position and get up, walk around—even bathe*—all while giving caregivers the fundamental information they need. Novii monitors the pulse of the infant, remotely transmits it to the Novii Interface, and effectively coordinates this information into the central nursing observation framework through the Corometrics monitor. This gives positive observing while at the same time giving the patients additional freedom and comfort. The establishment of 10 units of the Novii™ Wireless Patch System at the KHUH, Bahrain's Premier healthcare institution that offers top notch medical service to all citizens by utilizing best remedial and managerial practices and academic and research service, was supplemented by a three-day intensive training for more than 90 nurses, midwives and doctors. The training covered theory, hands-on patch application and live patient monitoring.

HE Major General Dr. Sheik Salman bin Atallah Al Khalifa, CEO of King Hamad University Hospital, stated: "At the core of all that we do, is to guarantee the highest standards in patient care. We adopt the most recent innovation and stay upto-date with the most recent patterns in medicinal research. GE Healthcare's innovative Novii system serves as a wireless monitoring option, assuring an outstanding integration of capacities and performance. It will add to the convenience of expectant mothers, significantly enhancing the competencies of our team to screen the wellbeing of the mother and child all the more intently."
Elie Chaillot, President and CEO, GE Healthcare in the Eastern Growth Markets, stated: "A few dangers related with pregnancy and labor are preventable, and today, fetal and maternal wellbeing screens give information that can bolster clinicians to make quick and precise clinicalassessment. With the new Novii™ Wireless Patch System, the labor experience is made progressively agreeable for expectant moms. King Hamad University Hospital has consistently been at the front-line in leveraging advanced technologies, and as the first medical clinic to receive this innovation in the region, KHUH further shows its innovation leadership."

Professor Dr. Hosni Malas, Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology at King Hamad University Hospital, included: "Expectant mothers want to have greater mobility during labor, which is minimized when they are associated with monitors with cords. The Novii™ Wireless Patch System is genuinely progressive as it gives an option in contrast to tradition belts and cables and empowers expectant moms to be increasingly versatile."

The Novii pod communicates through Bluetooth wirelessly to the Novii interface, furnishing patients with greater mobility in labor. To learn familiar with the Novii Wireless Patch System, watch the video here.

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