Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs holds lecture on political participation at Wam Community Majlis in Fujairah

The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs (MFNCA) held the sixth lecture on the culture of political participation in UAE, in collaboration with the Fujairah Foundation for Region Development, at the Wam Community Majlis in Fujairah.

The session forms part of the MFNCAs Neighbourhood Majlis initiative, and features Dr. Mansour Al Balushi, Expert in International Law and Human Rights, as guest lecturer.

The lecture addressed the topic of political participation in the UAE in its various forms and stages, in addition to the Political Empowerment Programme, launched by the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan in 2005, which aims to establish a supportive environment that encourages political participation among UAE citizens, in addition to ensuring that the Federal National Council (FNC) works hand in hand with the executive authority for the betterment of peoples lives and to meet their expectations.

Dr. Al Balushi explained that the Political Empowerment Programme was implemented through a systematic and gradual process, where the first stage saw elections being held at the electoral bodies in each emirate to elect half of the FNCs members. Elections were held in 2006, 2011, 2015, and 2019 to promote and encourage a culture of political participation in the UAE community.

The lecturer went on to cite some of the most important achievements made during the stages of the empowerment process that reflect the mutual trust and respect shared between the UAE leadership and citizens in the parliamentary experience.

Dr. Al Balushi further highlighted how the UAE is moving forward in activating and empowering the role of the Federal National Council by developing the electoral process and enhancing citizens awareness of the role the Council plays in the government. In its capacity as a consultative body, the FNC is the fourth out of the five federal authorities representing the UAE people in the national decision-making process. It aids the government in upholding the countrys interests and achieving the aspirations of its citizens.

All the previous Federal National Council elections revealed increased awareness among citizens about the importance of the Council and its role in monitoring and developing government performance to serve the interests of the country and its citizens, and to meet their expectations. This awareness was reflected in the notable growth in voter turnout, Dr. Al Balushi said.

Dr Al Balushi applauded the efforts made by Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs in nurturing a culture of political participation among all the segments of the community, by launching innovative initiatives that enhance political awareness and to encourage citizens to actively participate in parliamentary work and its advancement in the UAE.

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