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Mimecast Expands E-Discovery Capabilities to Help Increase Productivity for Legal and IT Teams

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Mimecast Expands E-Discovery Capabilities to Help Increase Productivity for Legal and IT Teams

Mimecast Case Review Redesigned to Offer Rich Dashboards and Reporting, Powerful Search and Legal Hold Functionality

Mimecast(NASDAQ: MIME) has declared that Mimecast Case Review provides a new, intuitive user interface that is designed to offer a complete platform of capabilities for assisting to respond to e-discovery. Built on and leveraging Mimecast Cloud Archive, a market leading platform, Mimecast Case Review comprises a redesigned interface and enhanced features. New advantages are engineered to include a more granular search, scalability, item level legal hold and rich dashboards and reporting for greater productivity for legal and IT teams. This new aspect will improve present functionality and benefit all current and future Cloud Archive clients.

“In today’s corporate environment, e-discovery events are slow, inexact and create major headaches as legal and IT waste time trying to understand the results,” stated Shane Harris, senior director of product management at Mimecast. “The addition of Mimecast Case Review will assist to make sure legal and IT teams can find the data quicker by a more accurate search, which will lead to improved productivity and less wasted time by all parties involved in the process.”

Litigation affects organizations of all sizes, industries and regions. Often, IT and legal staff are asked to respond to and manipulate multiple litigation events- creating challenges in the ability to scale human and technical resources. Internal investigations, subpoenas or being sued involves a discovery request of all relevant materials, including the proliferation of electronic data, which may be called into investigation during the legal matter. This, in addition to the emergence of data protection and privacy laws, such as GDPR and CCPA, is a challenge for any legal or IT team who then needs to sift via a huge amount of data to identify relevant content. Deploying the right technical assets is necessary in saving time, 46% of Mimecast archive customers save more than 10 hours a week on self-service search.

Mimecast Case Review is designed to contain a new, intuitive user interface that streamlines e-discovery via a powerfully integrated platform. Early case assessment is an important part of the e-discovery process, but it’s almost impossible to accurately gauge risk at this stage when data is disorganized, Mimecast Case Review helps organizations keep their data organized from the very starting, enhancing productivity and saving money and resources. Mimecast Case Review is engineered to provide a more accurate search due to its faceted search, search term highlighting and improved sort and filtering which will allow users to arrange results based on key metadata fields.

“The relevance of e-discovery has increased year over year, yet organizations are still outsourcing this vital task,” stated Ryan O’Leary, Senior Research Analyst, Legal, Risk, & Compliance, IDC. “Having strong e-discovery and case review processes in-house assists minimize risks for organizations, allowing them to stay compliant while saving resources, budget, and ultimately strain on the legal team.”