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Middle East’s FM industry undergoing sustainable transformation in digital era, says MEFMA

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Middle East’s FM industry undergoing sustainable transformation in digital era, says MEFMA

Industry’s adoption of next-gen technologies rising

The Middle East Facility Management Association (MEFMA), an expert facility management (FM) platform that connects professionals from the Arab world, hosted a forum on FM Digital Transformation and Sustainable Development Opportunities and Challenges in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The event noticed the participants discussing the regional FM industry’s ongoing sustainable transformation amid fast digital innovations. Featuring complete shows and a panel discussion, it was held on January 29, 2020 at the Al Khobar Business Park Tower.

The gathering came as part of MEFMAs sequence of regional events staged to maintain dialogues on important market growth drivers and bring the Middle East’s FM community to a superior level of professionalism.

Jamal Lootah, President of MEFMA, said: Like the rest of the world, the Middle East’s FM sector is undergoing a large digital transformation. Next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) are offering us actionable insights, which result in higher operational effectivity and environmental sustainability levels. This year, we expect to see more adoption of smart tools due to their numerous benefits. Currently, as per the recent report issued by the World Economic Forum, more than 70 per cent of industrial companies are in ‘pilot purgatory’ when it comes to their adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution technology; only 29 per cent actively install Fourth Industrial Revolution technology at scale; and 30 per cent have yet to pilot this technology. We are assured that the use of advanced innovations within the FM community will speed up in 2020 and beyond.”

MEFMA kicked off the software with a welcome remark, observed with the aid of a presentation by Suleiman Barada, CEO (Middle East & Africa) of S2E Transformation Inc. Afterwards, Bassam Masri, General Manager of IDC, delivered a presentation titled ‘How Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for buildings helps Facility Managers?. The attendees additionally took the opportunity to network with industry leaders and their peers throughout the gathering.

The panel discussion was led by moderator Khalil Al-Refaii, Planning and Work Control Leader of Saudi Aramco. The panelists, who discussed the events important topic from their domain of expertise, comprised famed key speakers from enormously influential companies in Saudi Arabia.

The featured panelists have been Khalid Al Mubarak, General Manager, Tadbeir; Suleiman Barada, CEO (Middle East & Africa), S2E Transformation Inc.; Dr. Talal AlHarigi, Executive Director, The National Training Center for Facilities and Hospitality Management; and Turki Matoog Althonayan, CEO, Arabian Security and Safety Services Company.

“The panel discussion served as a platform to explore one of the areas that we want to pay attention to, which is the industry's sustainable transformation in the digital era. Our top-level panelists and taking part FM specialists from Saudi Arabia and other parts of the region discussed and exchanged thoughts how we should maximize the newest digital equipment to deliver the best FM offerings while assisting guard the environment,” Lootah said.

The activities main sponsor was MEFMA Corporate Member, Tadbeir, the venue sponsor was Al Khobar Business Park Tower. While the National Training Center for Facilities and Hospitality Management was the supporting partner.