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Matt Ti insight into Dubai Real Estate transactions

Matt Ti insight into Dubai Real Estate transactions

Serial entrepreneur Matt Ti has projected Real Estate transactions to increase substantially in the second quarter of 2021.

As I already noticed we had a 3.7% increment in the number of deals mainly on the secondary market which concluded in July. The Distress sales wiped out from the market and I do believe we hit the bottom in May 2020. Because Dubai Real Estate market has started falling in about October 2014 and we almost reached to the lowest level by February 2020 as property prices fell around 35% by then. Pandemic hit the Globe in March 2020 which caused another 7% drop in Dubai Real Estate. That is the main reason I am bringing this critical analysis to everyone’s attention to take wise steps towards property investment in Dubai. Having said that the real estate investment climate is still in favor of buyers on a large scale although the perfect time was in May.

Matt Ti has stakes in real estate, Mercedes AMG auto spare parts and education sector spread across the continents along with property investment in Dubai.

Matt Ti has gained incredible knowledge about Dubai Real Estate enterprise as he has started his career in 2006 and had a proven record of directly impacting his client’s financial success and propelling smooth transactions..”

About Matt Ti
As I mentioned earlier I am involved in 4 businesses in total because I learnt from the past that one stream of income is not sufficient and secure on which I can depend. I will dive deeper here to explain in details about my businesses. The first one is Real Estate which involves buying, selling, leasing and managing the properties to the clients’ satisfaction. Second, is related to modifying the Mercedes to AMG which includes modification in engine and body kit. The third investment is a partnership in nursery school that the name will define everything. And last but not least i am a cheerful happy landlord  which you might ask why: First, my properties generate revenue for me even if i am sleeping. Second real estate is one of the safest investments on the planet which can not be lost or stolen.