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Massimo Dutti launches its new collection of exquisite perfumes inspired by the art of travel

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Massimo Dutti launches its new collection of exquisite perfumes inspired by the art of travel

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 19 February 2019: Massimo Dutti has embarked on an exciting new journey with the creation of a perfume collection formed of six pure, high-quality fragrances inspired by the art of travel, exclusively available in the brand’s more than 400 stores and at MassimoDutti.com. The initiative reflects the brand’s firm desire to evolve towards the creation of new brand hallmarks reaffirming its positioning in the international fashion sector.

An all-new olfactory journey, the launch invites us to breathe in the essence of six iconic destinations selected by means of their distinctive aromas, serving as inspiration for discovering each of their intangible and ethereal realities. The result is a cartography of six fragrances embodying the spirit of each of the destinations. Thanks to the extraordinary power of smell to evoke and transport us to that place and time.

Women Collection

• Manhattan Light: Encapsulating the elegance, luxury and passion characterising the spirit of the world’s quintessential metropolis where people flock to make their dreams come true.

• Souffle Marais: A refined aroma that is at once powerful and markedly French, its delicate, powdery notes harking back to that which is natural and authentic.

• Evening Whispers: An immersive aroma with an exceptional alchemy structured around unmistakably charismatic notes, leaving a vibrant and fresh afternote with an instant impact. Its sillage is intense to moderate, with excellent lasting power on the skin.

Men Collection

• Kashbah Sunset: Specifically recalling the olfactory experience of the desert by means of a composition blending sweetness and passion. While a bouquet of floral notes alternates with leaves of various botanical species to create an intense opening, the poetic sillage is wrapped with the soft and delicate nature of the final notes.

• Island Accord: The essence of the rhythms of a life spent by the sea, addictive to all those who come into contact with it. Crisp citrus notes open the composition and are accentuated by refreshing mint middle notes, softening the blend in an interesting game of contrasts. Its plural heart is both fruity and floral, revealing a subtle jasmine note that finishes with a structured base, in which woody notes come to dominate the top notes and add an element of delicate eccentricity.

• Sandy Papyros: A spellbinding perfume teasing out the wearer’s seductive and mysterious side. Selected notes in an enigmatic formula, abstract and highly ethereal. A fresh burst of citrus blended with welcoming floral notes and an exotic woody base are the hallmarks of this highly seductive perfume.

The products will be launched this coming autumn and the perfume collection will be available in selected Massimo Dutti stores.