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‘The Market’ retailers has been relieved from3 month rent declared by Properties Investment

‘The Market’ retailers has been relieved from3 month rent declared by Properties Investment

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Properties Investment (PI) - a Dubai Investments joint-venture company engaged in the investment and development of real estate properties, has declared a 3 month rent relief as a goodwill gesture for all retailers within ‘The Market’ – a committed retail avenue, situated in the Green Community, Dubai Investments Park.

In the wake of present efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and with mall managements throughout the country stepping up efforts with several initiatives, Properties Investments has temporarily advised retailers to close shutters, adhering to safety measures undertook by the government.

“Through ‘The Market’, we have been offering shopping experiences creating an effect on the wellbeing of the community and in the course of such crucial times, it becomes even more necessary to make sure the health and safety of not only our customers, but also our tenants. Our tenants are the backbone of our success within ‘The Market’ and now with the temporary suspension of business; we declared this relief, to directly support the tenants. Our mall management teams are working closely with the tenants to make sure the rent relief aids towards the recovery of their businesses during these times,” stated Dr. Rashid Abdulla Al Haji, General Manager, Properties Investment.

Several preventive measures and steps like awareness communication, regular sanitization, and sterilization and disinfection protocol to limit, contain and curtail the spread of the COVID-19 had been enforced by mall management beforehand to the temporary closure.

Properties Investment together with the mall management teams have ensured constant monitoring of the situation with regular and timely feedbacks to the tenants, reiterating undue commitment and support towards the constant success of the retailers.

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