• Mariam Almheiri and Sarah Al Amiri Visit the ‘ALZAD World of Food’ Pavilion at Mother of The Nation Festival
Mariam Almheiri and Sarah Al Amiri Visit the ‘ALZAD World of Food’ Pavilion at Mother of The Nation Festival

Her Excellency Mariam Almheiri, Minister of State for Future Food Security, and Her Excellency Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of State for Advanced Sciences, checked out the 'ALZAD World of Food' Structure, established by the UAE Office for Future Food Safety and security at the 3rd edition of the Mother Of The Nation Festival, which is being held at the Abu Dhabi Corniche on March 22-31, 2018, in cooperation with Abu Dhabi's Division of Culture and Tourism.

The Ministers were provided a tour of the pavilion’s 6 main locations, which shed light on modern issues and difficulties encountering the food safety market, as well as technologies and innovations transforming food production and future food security. The structure underscores the relevance of nutritional food in preserving good health, and presents the community element and the public's role in establishing a lasting, healthy and future.

“Ensuring food security is a main standard in measuring the progress of countries and the success of their plans," noted H.E. Almheiri. "Future Food Safety in the UAE asks for resolving the many challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We must all work together to guarantee long-term food safety and security in the UAE; and there are numerous steps to take in this regard, chief amongst them is increasing the general public's understanding around audio and sustainable food habits."

" With that in mind, we designed the booth here at ALZAD - World of Food to showcase the food supply chain, and offer guidance and standards for lasting food production and usage. We thank Abu Dhabi's Department of Society and Tourist for the outstanding organization of the occasion and we waiting to more awareness-raising tasks in support of the future food security," H.E. concluded.

For her part, H.E. Al Amiri said: "I am happy to be checking out the cubicle right here at ALZAD - World of Food, with its interactive experience that highlights the importance of future food safety as a key part of society, a structure for the wellbeing and success of our individuals and future generations, and a demand for the stability of our national economy.”

"We are committed to playing our part in using sophisticated sciences and directing their outputs to establish agricultural modern technologies in arid locations to make certain a regular supply of healthy and balanced foods for all members of the community, in all instances and under any type of conditions," H.E. Al Amiri added.

The Ministers visited out the Legacy section of the booth, which is a zone that highlights the link in between food and Emirati life and culture; along with the Falaj section, which supplies information on the traditional technique of monitoring for water resources that have traditionally had a favorable impact on the advancement of agriculture in the UAE; and the In Locally Grown, which presents the growth of the country's food market, showcasing products from UAE farms.

Their Excellencies after that moved on to The Main Food Elements and Healthy Nutrition Methods, that includes helpful facts and figure concerning the nutritional value of a range of food things, before concluding their scenic tour at the Innovate section, which highlights the extra unusual methods being used in the UAE and all over the world to meet future food security challenges.




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