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To Make Sure The Continuity Of Global Supply Chains UAE Joins A Joint Ministerial Statement

To Make Sure The Continuity Of Global Supply Chains UAE Joins A Joint Ministerial Statement

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The UAE has joined a joint ministerial assertion issued by numerous countries across the world, expressing their dedication to retaining the supply chains open in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiative by New Zealand and Singapore stipulates that the signatory countries pledge their dedication to making sure the continuity and interconnectivity of supply chains in the course of the pandemic disaster and intensify joint efforts and coordination to find out and eliminate trade restrictive measures that negatively have an impact on the motion of essential goods.

H.E. Eng. Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori, UAE Minister of Economy, in a letter to his counterpart David Parker, Minister for Trade and Export Growth, New Zealand, proven that the government of the UAE joins and endorses the ministerial statement, based on its trust in the want to enhance joint efforts at regional and global levels to facilitate the motion of trade and the continuity of cross border trade will enlarge the potential of the UAE and its external partners to cope with the pandemic crisis, while also retaining essential monetary cooperation channels open.
The signatory countries affirmed by the joint ministerial declaration that, out of their keenness to attain their shared interests, they will work to keep the trade lines, which includes air and sea freight operations, open in order to facilitate the flow of goods, along with necessary items.

The signatories similarly emphasized the significance of refraining from imposing controls that prevent exports or making use of tariff or non-tariff obstacles to trade and casting off any current measures that hinder the supply of essential commodities, specifically scientific resources in the course of the ongoing crisis.
The signatory states similarly indicated that they will work with a range of different countries of the world that share their interests to make sure the continuity of trade except barriers and to preserve the essential infrastructure of trade to aid the continuity, safety and interconnectivity of supply chains at international level.

Commenting on the statement, H.E. Al Mansoori stated that the UAE has bolstered dialogue with trade partners and has despatched clear messages concerning its dedication to assist global trade and make sure the continuity of the flow of items and services between countries, as a lifeline to address the needs of humans in a number of parts of the world and as an engine that drives monetary recovery.

H.E added: "The UAE has usually confirmed its prominent and vital position in the world trade arena. We will proceed our efforts to make sure the glide of essential supplies and the integrity of supply chains via assisting the continuity of operational logistical networks, and by retaining air, land and sea transport routes. There is no doubt that the country’s accession to this joint statement, which consists of nations from many continents of the world, is constant with our vision and leading policies to aid the movement of trade and its constant growth. "

Apart from New Zealand and Singapore, the signatories of the statement, alongside the UAE, together with Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Laos, Myanmar and Uruguay to date.

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