Life of 95-year-old man miraculously saved at Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 06 February 2019: A patient at the age of 95 was brought to the Emergency Department of Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital in Dubai Health Care City from the Northern Emirates.

The unconscious patient was transferred to the hospital owing to its great reputation as a referral hospital for many years. The emergency department consultant received the patient and did the initial assessment.
The hospital boasts of having more than 100 consultants on board to deal with any kind of medical emergencies with the help of advanced diagnostic tools helping to treat the patient’s condition faster.

The patient was evaluated and diagnosed as a case of heavy bleeding in the brain which is a critical condition that can even cause immediate death. He was posted for a brain surgery immediately to remove the clot. It was a very complex situation to do brain surgery for a 95-year-old patient. With the expertise of the medical team headed by Neurosurgeon Dr Jumaily, the situation was made easier. The ICU team and the anesthesia team did a great job in managing the patient.

The patient seems to have recovered immediately after the surgery and is currently keeping fine. The General Manager of the Hospital Dr Taha and Dr Jumaily visited the patient the very next day. The patient and his family expressed immense gratitude for saving his life. They brought him to Dr Sulaiman Al Habib because of their previous proven experience at the hospital.

“Saving lives is our main goal, providing quality service is our passion and the patient’s gratitude is the best outcome. Thursday night was exceptional, saving the life of this 95-year-old man who was brought here with acute subdural bleeding. The surgery was carried out by our Neurosurgeon Dr Jumaily” said the concerned.

Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital Dubai has made its mark in history as an excellent medical healthcare provider. Since its foundation, it has been the leader of private hospitals in many countries of the Middle East region and has served as a model for other institutions.

Dr Sulaiman Al Habib, Chairman of HMG, commented that the hospital is always committed to provide the best care and bring the latest technology available in any part of the world to the UAE.




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