• Let your skin show the “Pregnancy Glow”
Let your skin show the “Pregnancy Glow”

It is common knowledge that the 'pregnancy radiance' is a result of the increased volume of blood in the body during pregnancy. The cheeks especially appear wonderfully flushed because of the many capillary present listed below the surface.

Nevertheless, the reality is that just a handful of expectant mums get lucky with the glow. While pregnancy can leave some lucky females looking luscious, but for some the additional hormonal activity can trigger a variety of pregnancy-related skin issues such as acne or coloring.
Acne is the No. 1 skin issue to hit ladies during pregnancy-- however there are likewise variety of bumps, rashes and discolorations that occur also, the majority of them due to the hormonal agent activity.

The strength with which the oil glands produce sebum during pregnancy is an open invite to acne. The excess secretion blockages pores and leaves an oily feel, makes the skin vulnerable to breakouts.

Dr Mona Saleh at Kaya Skin Clinic,-- the largest global skin care center chain in the Middle East providing customized appeal and skin bundles for all seasons-- feels it is vital not to ignore this skin problem.

"Ditching the skin care regimen might be the easiest thing to do. By cleaning the skin regularly, one can prevent acne from scarring the joys of pregnancy. A couple of small changes to your grooming routine and you can get the radiance going. If you don't treat it immediately, it will continue up until you provide, and sometimes even after you safely have your child born," stated Dr Mona.

There are some preventive measures one can require to keep the skin radiant and healthy, the most crucial is limiting the direct exposure to the Sun.

"The skin is the victim of dangerous polluted gases that live in the air and the stabs of the Sun's rays. The sun blocks should be used a minimum of 15-20 minutes prior to you march in the Sun; then ought to be re-applied every 3 to 4 hours for perfect skin protection," Dr Mona Saleh says.

The popular locations on the face-- cheeks, bridge of nose, sides of forehead and upper lip are frequently missed out on triggering sunburn and a staining.

The pregnancy hormones; oestrogen and progesterone affect specific melanin cells to produce extreme amounts of the pigment melanin, resulting in the appearance of dark spots and spots, especially over the face. "If you spend excessive time in the sun, the pigmented locations might get intensify and perhaps stick with you longer than they're supposed to. Make sure you never ever face the sun without your shield-- sunscreen with SPF 30 or more," added Dr Mona.

The specialist likewise included that it is paramount to use a gentle cleanser to wash the face every day, ideally one that is non-residue or glycerin-based. "If your skin is particularly dry, then use a soap-less rinse-off cleanser that is moderate and can well- hydrate your skin. Always attempt mineral comprise items as they are rich in components that primarily sit on top of the skin and do not cause irritation, which is essential during pregnancy.".

Ladies may see small, loose growths of skin right where the bump begins. These are referred to as skin tags which likewise appear under the arms and between the neck folds. "Skin tags are a perfectly regular occurrence during pregnancy. They disappear a couple of months after the shipment. If they do not, you can constantly have them excised in a flash by a professional dermatologist at Kaya," said Dr Mona.

At Kaya Skin Clinic, there is a mix of the current technology with Mesotherapy, which tightens the skin, stimulates collagen production and brings back youthfulness, which is extremely efficient to help those women who have skin-related concerns during pregnancy.

Some tips to handle skin conditions among pregnant women include:

· Following a healthy, balanced diet. Foods with Vitamins E and C can keep your skin healthy.

· Massaging the bump daily with oil or cream. This will keep the area well moisturised.

· Cleansing, toning and moisturising should be done regularly

· Wearing cool and comfortable clothing, your skin needs room to breathe.

· Drinking a minimum of eight glasses a day will keep you hydrated, healthy and your skin in good shape.

“Being pregnant is a great part of womanhood and a special time in any woman’s life. Remember that most of these conditions are common and inevitable occurrences which will pass. And if they don’t, they can always be treated. So, try not to stress yourself out. When you are pregnant, you should discuss any products you use on your skin with your doctor or dermatologist. Our team at Kaya Skin Clinic will assist you to enjoy the “pregnancy glow” to its fullest” summed up Dr Mona Saleh.




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