• Launch of Dabur Amla Hammam Zaith and Dabur Amla Kids Oil to Help Expand Dabur Egypt's Footprint in Local Hair Care Product Segment
Launch of Dabur Amla Hammam Zaith and Dabur Amla Kids Oil to Help Expand Dabur Egypt's Footprint in Local Hair Care Product Segment

Dabur Egypt Limited, a leading Egyptian manufacturer of personal and health care products, recently introduced two new products, Dabur Amla Hammam Cream and Dabur Amla kids, in an unique event held recently at the Royal Kempinski Hotel in Cairo. The unveiling of both new products is part of the company's proceeding initiatives to more strengthen its presence in the local hair care product sector. Existing throughout the launch was Mr. Anoop Sharma, Country Manager, Dabur Egypt, together with the company's senior executives, partners and distributors.

Inning accordance with the company's senior executives, the launch matches Dabur Egypt's robust financial performance and market success in the last few years. As part of its efforts to mark a more powerful global presence, Dabur International has actually placed key focus on Egypt, which has been identified with having the biggest customer base within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. As a result, Dabur Egypt has positioned itself as a market leader - commanding 70 per cent of the hair oils sector and 60 percent of the Hammam cream segment.

Sharma said, "We are very excited with the launch of these 2 new Dabur Amla products in Egypt, in the middle of the terrific success that we have actually accomplished in the local hair care market. The release of Dabur Amla Hammam Cream and Dabur Amla Kids Oil stands for a step forward in our proceeding initiatives to cement our leadership in the local all-natural and personal elegance care section. We identify Egypt's top placement in these market sections, which is why we are really anxious in settling our leading visibility with the growth and release of more recent products in the local market."

Made with nourishing oils, Dabur Amla Children Hair Oil is specially developed to make a woman's hair long and strong by nourishing damage-prone tresses. The nourishing product includes extracts from sun-kissed olives and abundant almonds and other naturally helpful oils. It is also easy to wash off and pleasant to smell - advantages that any kid will love.

Dabur Amla Hammam Cream, on the other hand, is the first-ever Dabur Amla hair therapy mask array designed to thicken, fix, and rejuvenate the hair. The range is made up of Dabur Amla Hammam Cream - Snake Oil; the pioneering Dabur Amla Keratin Oil Hammam Cream; and Dabur Amla Vitamin Oil Hammam Lotion. All them possess the nourishment of Dabur Amla Oil.

The Amla Snake Oil is best for broken hair resulting from regular shampooing, blow drying and chemical treatment. Packed with Amla Silica facility, the Snake Oil product replenishes lost oils in addition to binds and aids repair split ends.

The Amla Keratin Oil has hydrolyzed keratin, the foundation that develops the natural framework of hair. It makes hair very challenging, flexible, and resistant to exterior damages.

Last but not the least, the Amla Vitamin Oil includes Amla multi-vitamins. It is loaded with Vitamins C and E, anti-oxidants that are recognized to maintain the health of hair and scalp, and Vitamins B5 and E, which repair work and nurture the hair to earn it healthy, soft, and silky smooth. It is the most effective remedy for the hair losing its natural oils as a result of routine shampooing and damage-prone hairs doing not have natural sheen and nourishment.

The newly launched products are the most recent enhancements to Dabur Egypt's profile of value-added offerings. Established in Egypt in 1996, Dabur Egypt provides natural health and individual care products, including hair oils, hair shampoo, and skin and dental treatment products. The company also has a strong presence in surrounding regional markets such as Morocco and other nations in Central Africa.




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