Kuwait Images Diagnostic Center was first in the introduced region GE Healthcare's AI-based MRI solution Diagnosis of heart disease

• Approved for use in Kuwait, Introducing Advanced Solutions in Kuwait sets Images Diagnostic Center apart as an MRI Center in Kuwait
• GE powered Arterys™ by. Healthcare's Voiceworks provides a real-time visualization platform that provides quantitative data and structured reporting

GE Healthcare and its partner, the Advanced Technology Agency (ATC), marked an important milestone in delivering advanced diagnostic services in Kuwait, launching the region's first artificial intelligence cloud-based MRI post-processing solution at the Image Diagnostic Center.

The Image Detection Center recently became the first official GE magnetic resonance imaging event site in the Middle East ArterysTM running GE. With the introduction of Healthcare's Advanced ViosWorks, the Image Diagnostics Center highlights the excellent breadth of its diagnostic services, which are now available to patients and health practitioners.

According to the World Health Organization, it is estimated that 72% of deaths in Kuwait are non-communicable diseases. Almost 41% of total NCD deaths are attributable to cardiovascular disease. Cardiac MRI is a non-invasive medical exam that allows doctors to see if the heart is damaged by a heart attack, or if there is no blood flow to the heart muscle due to narrow or blocked arteries.

New VoiceWorks extends cardiovascular MR assessment beyond anatomy by providing a comprehensive cardiovascular solution within a fraction of the time of routine cardiac scans. Providing 3D cardiac anatomy, function and flow in 1-free breathing, cloud-based 8-minute scan, real-time processing of images at resolutions, previously unattainable, dramatically alters cardiac imaging with excellent diagnostic results. It is a simple solution for patients, technicians and clinicians.

The Image Diagnostic Center is always the first to provide sophisticated diagnostic services to patients in Kuwait. It started with the introduction of the GE Optima 450 32 channel system, a wide-aperture platform powered with noise reduction technology that improves patient experience and accessibility.

Today, the center features four GE MR systems with the latest platforms at 1.5T and 3.0T: SIGNA Architect, SIGNA Pioneer, SIGNA Artist and SIGNA Voyager.

GE in Eastern Growth Markets Tamar Khalaf, Director of Marketing and Applications of Healthcare, Magnetic Resonance (MR), said: “We help redefine the patient care experience through our industry-leading technology and improve the accuracy of diagnostic services. The introduction of Innovative Voiceworks, which breaks the road to Kuwait at the Imaging Detection Center, will improve cardiovascular diagnosis and enable practitioners to identify critical medical conditions at an early stage. Our mission is ‘tomorrow… today’ we are delivering digital MR solutions and the early adoption of sophisticated technology Images Diagnostic Center is setting the standard of healthcare diagnostics in Kuwait.

Dr. Yahya Slaiman, owner of the Imaging Diagnostic Center, said: “Since our inception, we have made it a priority to introduce the next generation of technology into our practice to ensure that our patients and the wider health community can benefit from timely and accurate diagnosis. GE Healthcare’s advanced MR solutions additionally enable us to provide better patient care, and we continue to invest in advanced solutions that will ensure that we continue to serve as the epicenter of diagnostic care across the region.”

Ghassan M., CEO of Advanced Technology Company; Mamlouk added: “The Image Diagnostic Center is a true healthcare pioneer in Kuwait's private sector, and is interested in providing the most timely and accurate diagnostic services to patients. It is rare that GE MRI has both the same facility with ViceWorks; this is a clear indication of the Center's commitment to measuring resources and providing high quality service.

GE Healthcare has a strong history in Kuwait, delivering advanced health technologies including health information technology systems, CT and MRI devices to the country's public and private hospitals.




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