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To Keep Members Motivated amid COVID-19 Mawaheb Launches ‘7 Days of Happiness’ Challenge

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To Keep Members Motivated amid COVID-19 Mawaheb Launches ‘7 Days of Happiness’ Challenge

Mawaheb from Beautiful People (Mawaheb), an art studio for the decided ones, has launched the ‘7 days of happiness’ campaign to hold its participants prompted amid the COVID-19 crisis. Aiming to provide a chance to express and polish their creativity while they are home, the campaign seeks to hold members positive and grateful during hard times.

As per the campaign, every week, two or three participants will be chosen to share what made them pleased every day throughout the week and compile them in to a video presentation to be shared with other individuals throughout a Zoom call at the end of week. The campaign additionally encourages participants to remain energetic, positive, and spend their days doing significant activities as they comply with preventive measures to remain at home.

Wemmy de Maaker, founder of Mawaheb, said: “This is the time to make sure our students stay positive, fit, and healthy as well as proceed mastering new skills. Mawaheb is dedicated to the improvement of its students, and the present day scenario was not a deterrent. The innovative campaign seeks to assist those involved be similtaneously optimistic and productive.”

Gulshan Kavarana, art mentor, said: “In a bid to hold our participants inspired and positive even in the course of instances that appear hard and difficult, the campaign is designed by volunteer Kim Smith to polish creativity and underscore the significance of gratitude. It additionally offers our students an opportunity to be connected by video calls and inspire each other to remain optimistic and healthy.”

In previous weeks’ presentations, one of the participants shared personal moments like taking part in with her cat, consuming a cup of tea, and her brother's return from the hospital. She additionally recorded photographs of her blissful time while drawing and baking a cake. Similarly, another member, Srishti, recorded herself assisting her mother, baking banana bread, trying her hand at gardening, and feeding birds on her balcony.