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Kaya Skin Clinic Launches 'Pure Sense'

Kaya Skin Clinic Launches 'Pure Sense'

  • Kaya Skin Clinic Launches 'Pure Sense'

Clinic 'Kaya Skin' announced, the largest chain of specialized clinics in skin care Middle East, revealed the launch of a group 'Pure Sense' for shower products and body treatment, specifically created remarkable Tfmhawwasakbhaour and experience in the extremely well - being.

Defined Almjmuahaljdidh as totally free of harmful chemicals, and give a feeling of unmatched feeling of peace and renewable resource via eco-friendly and Altisaad senses to kick back and combination job to nurture, soften and moisturize the skin and hair - rich ingredients.

The range consists of 'Pure Sense' candles for massage and body spray aids to sleep a comfy life, soap, perfumed sprays and creams Zbdihllenayh Body Lotion and Body Oils Hair Shampoo and Conditioner. And condense these natural products, the purest all-natural fruit free of cancer cells - causing compounds and preservatives extracts, as they are not tested on animals.

The group is divided 'Pure Sense' Alyvitin; relaxation group 'devoted to loosen up products containing the Australian Mkademia plant that functions to calm the senses and sends serenity in the body and soul. And a 'vital' that Thtoaaly the fruit of grapefruit extracts approved environmental criteria from France and reliable in promoting and invigorate the skin and hair. Including both groups Boukloheme paraben and sulfate products and formalin mineral oils to be the best way to obtain eliminate contaminants and delight in a sense of overwhelming purity

The group returns marked 'Pure Sense' technology to "new cells" Fresh Cells ™, a leading innovation that keeps the fruit antioxidant and rich benefits of fruit extracts in the living cells. It is launched when these antioxidants Mlamsthealepeshrh or hair to provide you the highest degree of nourishment and defense from the damaging impacts of pollutants.

The available set of 'Pure Sense' in all clinics 'Kaya Skin', and the group Aljdidhha include an additional unique group global solutions set up research laboratory and skin treatment products progressed care, giving customers a wide range of alternatives that help promote skin and hair health.

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