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The Kase Paris Arrives in Dubai

The Kase Paris Arrives in Dubai

  • The Kase Paris Arrives in Dubai

Renowned fashion-tech accessory brand, ‘The Kase Paris’ is pleased to open its doors for the very first time in the UAE. Beholding customized services like no other, The Kase Paris substantiates itself as brand with an artistic vision of its own making, which it has inherited from the modish and fashion forward culture of its native country, Paris.

And this year as an extension of their growing success and popularity the international brand has set sail to the stylish shores of Dubai to establish its flagship store at the Al Ghurair Centre, located in the heart of the city.

With its much awaited launch The Kase Paris will mark itself as the first stand-alone fashion-tech accessory store to establish itself in the UAE. Mr Steve Rosenblum, CEO of The Kase Paris, said “The Kase Paris is honoured to launch its premiere store in Dubai; moreover we are absolutely thrilled about the launch because Dubai is indeed one of the region’s busiest shopping and tourist destinations. We are absolutely confident that the latest store launch will elevate the brand’s international positioning considering that Dubai is an up and coming international hub.” He further added,” Dubai is a cornerstone for our growth development plans for the future; it is strategically located to address the brand’s fashion conscious customers and remains a window to other countries in the region.”

Scaling an impressive measure spanning over 750sqft on the second level of Dubai’s popular shopping centre, The Kase Paris beholds an impressive décor completely set with over 4,000 designs of tablet covers and accessories, shelved across its impressive inbuilt shelves stretching a whole diameter around the visionary store. Showcasing a suave new monochromatically enthused interior, the Parisian brand leads you into an era of cutting-edge mechanical innovations and fashion developments. Presenting an in-store case production machine, the first of its kind; wherein any mobile case of your choice can be created within a matter of fifteen minutes, the fashion-tech store plays host to inimitable technical excellence and efficiency like no other.

Offering an endless variety of personalized cases with customizable designs, and unique material, The Kase Paris proudly displays its brand new summer assortment along with the inaugural celebration. Moreover, presenting accessories such as headphones, sound amplifiers, stickers, smartphone jewelry, for all kinds of electronic makes and models, the store is the one-stop shop with an limitless array of selection for everything you may ever need for your phone.

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