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Jiatong Energy to Utilize INVISTA’s Latest P8 Technology for Its Dual PTA Lines

Jiatong Energy to Utilize INVISTA’s Latest P8 Technology for Its Dual PTA Lines

INVISTA Textiles (U.K.) Limited’s technology and commissioning business, INVISTA Performance Technologies (IPT), and Jiangsu Jiatong Energy Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Tongkun Group (Tongkun), have agreed to license INVISTA’s latest P8 PTA technology for two PTA lines.

These two lines will be installed in Rudong, Nantong City, Jiangsu province, China. Both lines extend INVISTA’s largest twin stream design individually, utilizing INVISTA’s latest P8 ++  PTA technology. Building on the described performance of the P8 technology platform, the variable cost, capital productivity and environmental review is anticipated to set new benchmarks within the industry.

Tongkun and INVISTA have been serving together for 10 years in PTA. INVISTA’s first P7 and first P8 technology platforms were strongly installed, licensed, and operated at another subsidiary (Jiaxing Petrochemical) of Tongkun Group. Based on the successful cooperation on these projects, Tongkun has again selected INVISTA’s latest P8 ++  PTA technology for the Jiatong project.

Adam Sackett, IPT vice president PTA, said, “We are honoured that our industry-leading P8 ++  PTA technology has been selected again by Tongkun Group. Our organisations have a long history of PTA innovation, and we look ahead to serving coincidentally on this new branch of technology and collaboration among the two parties.”

A kick-off meeting was strongly concluded on August 15, 2020, by Jiatong, INVISTA and CTCI (the engineering contractor). A project start-up date of Q4 2022 is targeted for the first line.