• Jewel Corner Unveils A Stunning Kiosk In Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi
Jewel Corner Unveils A Stunning Kiosk In Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi

Gem Corner, a great jewellery brand name from the UAE, is on a constant hunt for ways to bring the brand name more detailed to its customers. It has actually recently opened up a stand in a centrally situated buying destination in Abu Dhabi, Al Wahda mall on June 11, 2017. The mall attracts a significant footfall and is referred to as a place for supreme buying experiences that exudes design which is why the design of the new kiosk is eye-catching and made to stand apart.

Remaining in the market for the last 20 years, Jewel Corner has taken well prepared actions to boost their existence in the UAE market. The very first booth in the Al Wahda Shopping center was unveiled because Gem Corner acknowledges that Abu Dhabi is a promising market and individuals in the UAE love genuine diamond and gold jewellery.

With the advantage of eye-catching pricing and guarantee of top quality, Jewel Edge has carved a niche in the gifting section. Gifting is a stunning act of kindness and with every present, one shares happiness which is additionally the brand name viewpoint of Jewel Corner. Rihen Mehta, Chairman, 7Cs Group, Gem Corner's parent company states, "Our selection of jewelley crafted by award winning designers resemble by individuals of every ages from different races. Our customers enjoy to acquire our jewelry as presents not just for themselves yet additionally for their relative and close friends. Our jewellery is packed in beautifully developed boxes, each one being an icon of joy. Our team believe that does not need an occasion to spread happiness and, each moment can be treasured with the simple happiness of gifting."

Gem Corner likewise has a customer-friendly on-line shop, www.jewelcorner.com, which is another easy-to-access purchasing location for those who wish to go shopping anytime and from any place of their option. The web site displays a 360-degree sight of the Gem Corner products that makes decisions choices easier.




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