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IVI Fertility's Muscat Annual Conference 2020 ends on high note with experts sharing insights on the latest in Reproductive Medicine
Key topics in the field of infertility treatments bring new advancements to the region

The a lot awaited IVI Fertility Muscat Annual Conference 2020 organised by IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic concluded on a high note recently, with regional and international experts, industry leaders, and a variety of key people in reproductive medicine sharing insights on the contemporary improvement and trends. Some of the key topics delivered to focus were Basic Ovarian Physiology & Aging, Endometriosis and Infertility and Embryo Transfer in 2020: Fresh vs Frozen.

Several Gynaecologists, Embryologists, In- vitro Fertilisation (IVF) experts, and different fertility experts participated in the interactive conference titled ‘Infertility Update: A Review of Common Practice for the Gynecologist at Crowne Plaza Qurum Heights, Muscat on Jan 17, 2020. They mentioned some of the most difficult infertility concerns, common practices and treatments, and industry expectations. The attendees additionally took the chance to engage with guest speakers and network with global experts.

Dr Francisco Ruiz the Medical Director of IVI Middle East Muscat welcomed the famend speakers and guests and Dr Upma Shanker, IVF Specialist, IVI Fertility Muscat commenced the well-attended conference with her opening session.

Dr Francisco Ruiz said: During the gathering, we explored the trendy possibilities in infertility remedies and engaged in significant talk about pressing worries dealing with both the regional and international environments on January 17, 2020.

Dr Upma Shanker further added, The sharing of knowledge and experiences is essential to sustaining our development and attaining new milestones in our bid to assist couples in the region fulfil their dream of being a parent. This is specifically vital given the rising number of infertility cases in the Middle East region that requires advanced and progressive solutions.”

The key topics mentioned during the conference have been titled ‘Basic Ovarian Physiology and Aging. Does infertility of unknown origin exist?; Endometriosis and Infertility: Where exactly is the link? Impact of endometrioma resection on ovarian reserve; Embryo transfer in 2020: Fresh vs Frozen; and Polycystic ovarian syndrome: A new look at an ancient foe.

The currently concluded IVI Muscat Annual Conference 2020 was held within a couple of months of its UAE annual conference in November 2019. Apart from exploring the latest solutions, IVI Middle Easts forum also supplied 150+ participants from not just Muscat but also other parts of Oman like Salalah and Sohar an perfect platform to talk about how to overcome challenges in treating region-specific cases.

IVI Middle East is part of IVI-RMA, the world leader in turning in fertility treatments that has sixty eight clinics and 160,000 healthy infants to its credit worldwide. IVI Middle East, manages modern clinics in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE apart from Muscat. The institution firmly believes that the embryology lab is the heart of a Reproductive Medicine clinic and therefore boasts of the most advanced labs in the world.




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