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International Media Investments Appoints Nart Bouran as Chief Executive Officer


International Media Investments Appoints Nart Bouran as Chief Executive Officer

International Media Investments (IMI Holding) has announced the appointment of Nart Bouran as Chief Executive Officer effective March 8, 2020.

IMI Holding is a privately-owned investment company targeted on constructing a portfolio of quality digital first, relevant and responsible news content for audiences throughout the world.

Bouran, a seasoned and well-respected media executive, brings over 30 years of global, in-depth knowledge that will guide IMI Holding’s growth and expansion ambitions while making sure the persisted success of its number of media assets.

Prior to joining IMI Holding, Bouran served as Senior Vice President for News, Programming and Transformation at US-based Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN) where he oversaw international programming operations and spearheaded its global programme strategy. Bouran was also the launch director of Sky News Arabia in Abu Dhabi, serving as CEO and Head of News from 2011 to 2018, where he helped establish the channel as a credible source of news in the Middle East and North Africa region and radically change and develop its broadcast and digital platforms.

“I am excited to return to the UAE to help IMI Holding construct on its successes and oversee its enlargement plans,” stated Bouran. “Over the years, the company has successfully assorted its media assets, obtaining promising investments and fostering others to deliver market leading digital first content that speaks to audiences from throughout the region. I am assured that there is a lot more than we can attain together as a crew with the help of colleagues from throughout the various investments beneath IMI’s umbrella via closer collaboration, integration and hard work.”

Other roles held by Bouran included Director of Television for the Reuters News Agency, Director General of the Jordan Radio and Television Corporation, and Director of News Centre for Abu Dhabi TV. He is a graduate of International Relations from Syracuse University.

As an investment company, IMI Holding acquires digital assets, works to enhance their operational efficiency and invests in growing and expanding their reach. Since establishment, the company has constantly accelerated its investments to emerge as a partner of choice for media organizations in the region and across the world. Important assets in its portfolio consist of The National and Al Ain Media Platform (Al-Ain.com) in Abu Dhabi, The Vision, which offers a digital media platform for the younger generation, and a 50 per cent stake in Sky News Arabia, a joint venture with Sky UK, as well as a minority stake in Euronews.