Innovation Centre Opens in Dubai Marking a new era for MENA Food & Beverage Production Industry

  • Innovation Centre Opens in Dubai Marking a new era for MENA Food & Beverage Production Industry

A new creative room in Dubai has been revealed to note a revolution in the way food and also beverage products are packaged and also delivered to consumers.

The Innovation and Reliability Centre (IRC) at SIG Combibloc Obeikan (SIG CBOB), among the globe's leading providers of container packaging and filling makers for food and beverage, was officially opened up in Dubai Silicon Oasis by Abdallah Obeikan, Chief Executive Officer of Obeikan Financial Investment Team and also Rolf Stangl, Chief Executive Officer of SIG.

The IRC has been developed for SIG CBOB customers to adjust to the seismic change in the F&B production as well as usage market, and the quickly transforming behavior and assumptions of consumers by providing options which integrate modern innovation, connectivity and also smart packs.

Speaking on the side lines of the event and also gala dinner, Abdelghany Eladib, Chief Operating Policeman at SIG CBOB said: “Our understanding of our customers’ needs goes beyond products and technology. We solve customer problems and offer new possibilities through an intelligent, holistic overview of their business needs.

" This guarantees we consistently supply end-to-end solutions that include genuine value for our clients now and also in the future. We have actually created three sectors that talk with the core challenges of our customers - product advancement and also distinction; connected packs; as well as wise manufacturing facility.

" This ensures enables us to express who we are as a firm today. And, much more notably, the worth we give our consumers and customers, demonstrating our core capabilities as well as the solutions we provide."

A partnership with technology leader GE comes greatly into focus at the centre, offering some of the most effective solutions designed to optimise plant procedures and also enhance performance. Consumers checking out the IRC will certainly have the ability to see the most up to date technologies in lasting aseptic packaging such as a container pack that can be heated up and carried on the go, a container pack that imitates a bottle, and also the globe's very first aseptic pack 100% connected to plant-based sustainable product.

The very first of its kind on the planet, the Dependability area of the centre displays and evaluates the efficiency of all SIG CBOB's lines across all clusters, allowing remote service.

Martin Schmedes, Marketing & Strategy Director MEA for SIG CBOB added: “The creation of the IRC is in direct response to a range of key production demands, such as the leverage of connectivity between information technology and shop floor operations, the adaptation of production processes for each product, quickly and efficiently, and the optimisation of overall equipment effectiveness and the reduction of operational costs.

" Today's consumer operates in an on-demand culture and also a heightened digitalised globe. They are more enlightened and also requiring than in the past when it comes to digital involvement and also the traceability of the items they acquire. As well as, they are significantly acquiring goods online. We are assisting our customers adapt to these adjustments and also make an useful difference to their consumers."

The opening of the IRC coincides SIG CBOB's engagement in Gulfood Production, running till 8 November at the Dubai World Trade Centre, where visitors have the ability to see their distinguished product styles, clever filling plants as well as digitally interactive packs.

The company is using the event to unbox the perfect package by integrating state of the art modern technology, connection as well as wise options for their clients and also ultimately, the customer.

SIG CBOB's turbulent distinction as well as value-adding remedies are aiding food & drink producers to open up new possibilities for carrying out better as well as expanding faster.


1. From left: Samuel Sigrist, CFO, SIG; Abdallah Obeikan, CEO, Obeikan Investment Group; Abdelghany Eladib, Chief Operating Officer at SIG CBOB; and Rolf Stangl, CEO, SIG

2. The Innovation and Reliability Centre at the SIG CBOB office in Dubai Silicon Oasis

3. The Reliability zone of the centre monitors and evaluates the performance of all SIG CBOB’s lines across all clusters, enabling remote service




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