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Industry’s First And Foremost Ultrasonic Transducer with Metal 3D-Printed Mini-Horn Array Elevates Flow Meter Performance

Industry’s First And Foremost Ultrasonic Transducer with Metal 3D-Printed Mini-Horn Array Elevates Flow Meter Performance

Emerson’s titanium-housed fuel ultrasonic transducer promises greater overall performance and long-term reliability in intense wet, bitter and corrosive chemical fuel environments

Emerson has launched the Daniel™ T-200, a titanium-housed transducer, for its gasoline ultrasonic float meter product line, marking the first use of steel 3D printing to decorate the acoustic overall performance of ultrasonic drift meters in custody switch applications. The T-200’s strong layout gives extended reliability, uptime and protection whilst reaching the perfect accuracy classification achievable in gasoline measurement.

In an ultrasonic waft meter, transducers generate acoustic alerts that are dispatched returned and forth throughout the fluid stream. The arrival instances of these alerts decide the fluid waft velocity. Signal nice and energy are essential to dimension accuracy, which is paramount in custody switch applications. An error of solely 0.1% can equate to thousands of lots of bucks yearly in a massive diameter excessive stress pipeline.

To improve sign power via the titanium housing, the T-200 makes use of a steel 3D-printed mini horn array, which consists of an elaborate geometrical shape of titanium horns and a titanium diaphragm that acts as a harmonic oscillator and matching layer. This maximizes the sound power coupled into the gas, which improves the signal-to-noise ratio and accuracy of the measurement.

“The T200’s mini-horn array could not be made without metal 3D printing technology, making it transformational to the sound quality and performance achievable through a titanium barrier,” remarked by Kerry Groeschel, director of ultrasonic technology, Emerson. “Emerson is committed to developing innovative solutions that help our customers achieve safer, more efficient operations.”

The meter’s all-metal housing offers a barrier from corrosive hydrocarbon fluids and moist gas, thereby extending the existence of transducer factors and making sure secure performance. This special graph permits the meter to be hydro tested with transducers in place, steam cleaned whilst in the running line and blown down with no limits on the fee at which the meter can be depressurized.

The T-200 can additionally be safely extracted whilst the meter is beneath strain barring exclusive high-pressure extraction tools, which reduces the opportunity of greenhouse fuel emissions all through extraction. The tablet which includes the piezoelectric crystal used to produce ultrasonic sound waves is retractable as a single piece for simplicity and ease of use. No different gasoline ultrasonic transducer can be extracted beneath stress besides distinct equipment and with so few components to get rid of or contact in the elimination process.

The new diagram is rated for a huge vary of working conditions, which includes pressures from 15 kilos per rectangular inch gauge (psig)/103 Kilopascal (kPa) to 3,750 psig/25,855 kPa and temperatures up to one hundred twenty five stages Celsius/257 Fahrenheit.