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With the Increasing Trend of Grooming Among Men, Kaya Skin Clinic Launches an Exclusive New Range of Products in Oman

  • With the Increasing Trend of Grooming Among Men, Kaya Skin Clinic Launches an Exclusive New Range of Products in Oman

With the Increasing Trend of Grooming Among Men, Kaya Skin Clinic Launches an Exclusive New Range of Products in Oman

Popular for its extremely efficient skin care services and products developed by dermatologists, Kaya Skin Clinic - the biggest skincare center chain in the region, announces the launch of Kaya For Guys, advanced skin care formulations for males.

Guy, specifically in this region, are very mindful of their pet grooming, and they proactively seek means that aid them look excellent. Without any uncertainty, skin is just one of the most essential areas they are very particular about.

Keeping that in mind, the Kaya for Men, introduced by Kaya Skin Facility is an array specifically made to work on the skin of men especially that their skin is extremely different from that of females. Men's skin is 20% thicker than ladies's and therefore much more hard to pass through. Likewise, it is a lot more vulnerable to being oily. An additional behavior understanding which Kaya kept in mind while working with these products is that unlike women, males are not really crazy about using lots of creams and adhering to numerous steps for skincare. So Kaya Skin Center has developed these products to both meet men skincare demands, and give them a solitary step, difficulty totally free, skincare routine.

The first of the new products is the Multi-Action Revitalizing Cream, which isenriched with Vitamins E & B3 and appropriates for all skin kinds. This multi-action cream boosts skin health and flexibility to recover its suppleness. It hydrates your skin while offering you immediate glow, evens the complexion, and gives high security from unsafe UV rays which trigger early aging. Considering that men's skin is usually oily, this item likewise has oil control properties.

The Skin Energizing Lotion is the 2nd revolutionary item. It gives sun protectionwith Multi-Mineral actives that appropriate for all skin types. More significantly it effectively deals with the strong forces of nature. Scorching sunlight, strong winds and sweltering moisture are known to drain your energy through the pores of your skin. Yet Kaya Skin Energizing Cream fights back with the very triad ofmagnesium, zinc and copper. These integrate to charge your skin with vigor, stimulate cell renewal and neutralize environmental damages whilst supplying vital UV security.

So with a solitary action skin care routine, guys would certainly be taking great care of their skin without the inconvenience of needing to apply numerous products for various requirements. Available Products get on these: Kaya Skin Facility Throughout Branches Or Can Be Acquired Online thru Www.kayaskinproducts.com

Kaya Skin Clinic is the biggest global skincare facility chain in the center East, providing a vast array of world-class skin care services & products. All clinics at Kaya Skin satisfy the greatest international quality standards true to its vision of providing world-class cosmetic skin-related solutions. Kaya Skin Facility presently runs 23 clinics across the UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, giving a variety of revolutionary skin and hair care solutions under guidance of qualified dermatologists. It has a group of over 300 individuals drawn from 16 races.