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Huawei AirPON Awarded Best Fixed Access Solution at Broadband World Forum 2020

Huawei AirPON Awarded Best Fixed Access Solution at Broadband World Forum 2020

Thanks to an innovative feature set that gives premium home network events and empowers mobile operators to immediately create fixed networks, Huawei AirPON has been awarded Best Fixed Access Solution at the Broadband World Forum 2020 (BBWF 2020) online award ceremony. The victory marks the second straight year that Huawei has won this accolade, having previously won for its SingleFAN Pro solution. Such constant industry attention further joins Huawei's continued change and leadership in the full-fibre broadband domain.

Currently in its 19th year — and held entirely online for the first time in 2020 — the BBWF remains the premier annual exhibition within the fixed network field. As the most important award presented by the BBWF, the Best Fixed Access Solution Award is dedicated to recognize solutions that boost the development of the fixed access industry and significantly enhance the end-user experience.

In February 2020, following an in-depth analysis of the market trends of fixed-mobile concentration and accelerated fibre network construction, Huawei officially launched the AirPON solution in London. The suspension features three key innovations: zero site fee, zero fibre splicing, and zero frame freezing. It can help workers address key challenges such as extended payback periods, slow fibre network system, and unstable user experiences.

Zero site acquisition: The innovative Blade OLT can be installed on wireless base stations to reuse the site's power supply and backhaul fibre resources. Consequently, a new site is not required, the fibre access distance is shortened from 5 km to less than 1 km, networks can be built much quicker, and the CAPEX is reduced by 27%.

Zero fibre splicing: The DQ ODN feature supports end-to-end pre-connection without fibre splicing, increasing production efficiency by 70% and shortening the time-to-market (TTM) by 30%. Also, AI technologies are used to digitally manage patient ODN resources, managing network topology visualization, precise stock management, some fault locating, fast service provisioning, as well as an ODN sink cost reduction of 20%.

Zero frame freezing: The industry's first AI-embedded home ONT series products can intelligently identify service types, including online games, reading, and teleconferences. The sharp acceleration engine can reduce the latency of specific services by more than 50%, enabling operators to drive value-added service units with service acceleration.

Jeffrey Zhou, President of the Huawei Access Network Product Line, said, "Fixed-mobile convergence has become an industry consensus, and fibre is the most critical infrastructure. The Huawei AirPON solution can help mobile operators build full-fibre networks efficiently and economically, and provide an optimal FTTH broadband experience. It's a big honour to win the Best Fixed Access Solution Award from BBWF. Huawei looks forward to more extensive service and joint innovations as we continue to help global operators achieve greater business success."

Only 6 months after its official launch, the Huawei AirPON solution has been widely recognized by the industry and adopted by more than 45 operators worldwide, covering more than 1 million households. In the future, Huawei will proceed to work with partners in the industry chain to build universal fibre connections and accelerate the construction of a fully connected, intelligent world.