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Healthy and Engaging eLearning Environment at Home & Classrooms Encouraged by BenQ

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Healthy and Engaging eLearning Environment at Home & Classrooms Encouraged by BenQ

BenQ, global leader in Interactive Panels and DLP Projectors, assists Healthy Learning Environments both at Home & in Classroom with Germ-Resistant Interactive Flat Panels, Android-based Smart Projectors with built in video conferencing apps for remote learning & Eye Care Monitors with Brightness Intelligence Technology.

ClassroomCare is BenQ’s particularly designed health-focused technology with various features that are able to increase health initiatives inside the classroom setting. Its germ resistant screen, TUV certified, features a nano ionic silver agent, which removes almost all germs, enabling children to touch the screen without any worries. BenQ’s exclusive ClassroomCare assists to safeguard students and educators from health risks. With certified flicker-free, germ-resistant and low blue light, ClassroomCare delivers added functionality to BenQ’s IFPs to enhance classroom health. The Smart Eye-Care technology adopted by them is a smart solution that offers eye care to assist prevents eye fatigue in young children. Moreover, their air-quality sensor has the capability to monitor CO2 intensity and enhance overall health, increasing classroom productivity.

BenQ’s Interactive Flat Panels has a special whiteboard app, EZWrite 5, designed to facilitate cloud collaboration and remote learning with the Interactive Flat Panel, making lessons more engaging. It is made to enable teachers and students to collect, categorize, edit, and share ideas between the IFP and mobile devices without geographic restrictions and user limits, making it ideal for remote learning. The panels also come with preinstalled apps, such as Blizz for video conferencing to improve teaching and Distance learning.

The ClassroomCare IFP has the skills to take your school’s learning environment to the next level. Learn More about BenQ Interactive Flat Panels for Education: https://business-display.benq.com/en-ap/findproduct/ifp/education.html

BenQ currently unveiled World’s first-ever Android-based, all-in-one Smart projectors which are created to promote diversified teaching and blended learning, whether it’s at home or classroom. The E600 & E800 Series works entirely Wire-Less, PC- Less, and Driver-Less, giving the user a special and trouble-free experience.

• Wireless feature allows students to share content from smart devices on the big screen as well as the media-playing capabilities make learning more exciting and immersive.

• The projectors provides a PC-Less experience, as it comes with built in Apps such as Firefox, TeamViewer, Blizz, WPS and useful BenQ exclusive apps, which can also make Distance Learning hassle free. And USB Reader allows children to Plug & Play any format of Video, Audio, Documents.

• BenQ Smart Projector comes with cloud account integration, smart app capability, internet, Account Management System (AMS), Device Management System (DMS), and X-Sign Broadcast without any need for Drivers to be installed.

Learn More about BenQ Smart Projectors for Education: https://business-display.benq.com/en-ap/findproduct/projector/interactive-classroom-projectors/ex800st.html

BenQ’s EW800ST smart classroom projector and InstaShow S WDC20 classroom screen-mirroring system currently won the TCEA 2020 Best of Show Awards. The EW800ST is the first education projector to feature cloud account integration, screen-mirroring capabilities, smart app capability, and internet and wireless connectivity to promote various teaching and blended learning in K-12 classrooms. InstaShow S WDC20 assists BYOD classrooms by enabling multiple presenters to lead from any device without the awkwardness of passing a single cable between multiple presenters, running risky third-party software, or acquiring network access. BenQ’s unique InstaShow S WDC20 screen-mirroring system is the only classroom presentation system of its kind to make collaboration truly intuitive, simple, and secure. Educators and students simply plug the InstaShow transmitter into their device and tap to share content.

BenQ has been investing its efforts towards developing online education while focusing on eye-care at the same time. A huge number of online teaching and learning opportunities can be unlocked with BenQ’s Cloud Whiteboard using which students can remotely join an online lesson. This also helps in making sure continuity in education amid delays caused due to any reason.

Moreover, BenQ’s eye-care technology and Ergonomic design in their monitors and panels is particularly designed to address Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and viewing comfort. BenQ monitors come with Brightness Intelligence Technology that monitors changes in ambient light and adjusts the screen brightness accordingly and adapts to the content being displayed on the screen. This seamless technology assists preserve image quality while reducing eye strain, headaches, and fatigue to empower students with better eye-health without hampering learning. Their devices come with Low Blue Light Technology that filters the most dangerous part of the blue light spectrum to avoid eye damage.

Learn More about BenQ Eye Care Monitors: https://www.benq.com/en-me/campaign/benq-eye-care-monitor/benq-eye-care-technology.html

Considering the increased screen time in every student’s day, it has become imperative to address the health risks that come along with it. BenQ’s germ-resistant screens come with silver nanoparticles that remove most germs on contact itself. This minimizes germ transmission through everyday usage among students in a classroom. The IFP giant’s panels also limit germ-spreading opportunities by motivate allowing students to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) use their personal devices in class, thus avoiding their contact with the shared equipment. Students can wirelessly screen share from their devices on the BenQ interactive displays in their classrooms. BenQ is constantly designing, creating, and upgrading solutions to incorporate enhanced care towards health and hygiene in classrooms.