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Grocery Delivery Services Has Been Extended Coverage Area And 24/7 Within An Hour By ‘Daily By Talabat’ In Dubai

Grocery Delivery Services Has Been Extended Coverage Area And 24/7 Within An Hour By ‘Daily By Talabat’ In Dubai

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In light of the UAE Government’s call for greater public safety to stay home all through the COVID-19 situation, Daily by Talabat, concept, has increased its grocery capacity to 24-hours a day, which also includes free-delivery.

Daily by Talabat, the region’s first ‘dark store’, is a delivery-only service, offering delivery within an hour, while providing groceries at hypermarket prices. The service was released less than two months ago and covers more than half of Dubai, and is extending as quickly as possible.

Mohammed Yildirim, Managing Director UAE, stated that the safety of the public in Dubai is the organization’s top preference when making the 24-hour delivery promise.

‘Grocery and food delivery services reduce the requirement for people to leave their homes. And with many existing grocery delivery services being stretched with long lead times to deliver we understand that having and through our 24-hour free-delivery capabilities, we are giving customers unlimited choice on when to order.

‘We’re not here to make you wait days, or even half a day, however potentially somewhat longer than the usual 15 minutes, as we have increased our delivery radius to give greater benefit for the residents and citizens of Dubai,’ he stated.

All Daily by Talabat staff retains the highest level of safety, across the whole order-delivery ecosystem. They are geared up with sanitizers, gloves and masks, which they use during picking of groceries, as well as pick-up from ‘Daily by Talabat stores and drop-off to a customer’s residence.

Another key safety initiative that consumers may not be aware of is that all Talabat riders practice social distancing at all times, not just at the point of customer through contactless delivery, Yildirim mentioned.

‘At the time of pick-up of the groceries, our riders form an orderly queue, maintaining social distance - a couple of meters apart from each other, much as you would at the supermarket. For us, being safe throughout all points of the delivery process is the most key thing for our riders, customers, and our grocery pickers.’

Talabat Daily has a coverage area of 50% of Dubai. Download the Talabat app from the IOS Appstore or Google Play, and click on the grocery category to see if you are currently in the zone for 24 hour delivery.

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