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Government Summit launches state-of-the-art mobile App

Government Summit launches state-of-the-art mobile App

The second Government Summit has announced the launch of a mobile App, govSummit, with advanced features such as Augmented Reality that offer participants convenient access to real-time information related to the Summit and encourages engagement. The state-of-the-art App can be used on both Android and IOs platforms. This year, the Summit will be held from 10 to 12 February in Dubai under the theme “Leading Government Services”.

The launch of the Gov Summit App is in line with the Summit’s aim to encourage innovation and creativity in government services, making them more customer-centric, especially in line with the transformation towards m-government smart services.

One of the main attractions of the App is its ability to offer Augmented Reality, making the App a first of its kind in the region. This feature provides information about the entire venue of the Summit and an interactive map to show the agenda and speakers based on the location. Using Augmented Reality, the participant will be able to move around the venue guided by a pop-up screen that will display the main areas and locations such as Registration, Media Office, Sessions, Meeting Room.

Participants to the Summit can create their profile on the App, which will enable them to view their details that were entered during the registration and edit their contact details and social media accounts.
The App will encourage engagement and greater participation with its Voting / Survey feature that will enable participants to vote on any poll during the Summit. At the same time, after leaving the session or workshop venue, participants will receive a push notification to complete the survey or feedback form.

A feature that will offer much convenience to the participants is the App’s Dynamic location map that integrates a mapping solution to provide information about the various rooms at the Summit venue, and an interactive map to show the agenda and speakers based on the location. The Application can send notifications to the attendees inside the room if there is a question from the speaker during the session. It is also capable of sending a feedback notification after the session based on the location of the attendee and the session time.

Participants will also be able to view the entire event agenda, including details, speaker, time, location, etc. through the Program feature. It allows the agenda to be sent to various modes such as calendar, filter, print, or tell a friend either via email, twitter or Facebook. Also, users can download materials using the App.

My Agenda feature of the App will enable participants to view the Summit program and customize their agenda to include the sessions or workshops that they want to register in. They can also utilize the App to organize meetings and network. It has the option to extract the Agenda and print and send it to their personal calendar in addition to sharing the details via social media.

There is also a ‘Ask Questions’ feature that will enable participants to post questions to the speakers or moderator during the sessions and workshops. At the same time, moderators and speakers will have additional access to view the questions that were submitted against their sessions or workshops.

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