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Google Doodle Wishes a ‘Happy Thirty’ to World Wide Web

Dubai, 12 March 2019: Today marks the thirtieth year after World Wide Web revolutionized the idea of information exchange. And Google is all excited to celebrate the thirty years of seamless transmission of information.

Back in 1989, 33-year-old Sir Tim Berners-Lee, working at Europe’s CERN lab submitted his work ‘Information Management: A Proposal’ to his boss on March 12. And that was the seeding stage of the World Wide Web we have today.

Berners-Lee's breakthrough was to marry hypertext to the Internet. In his book Weaving The Web, he explains that he had repeatedly suggested that a marriage between the two technologies was possible to members of both technical communities, but when no one took up his invitation, he finally assumed the project himself.

Later on, in April of 1993, the web was made public, with its popularity soon spreading from November with the launch of Mosaic, the first search engine to accept pictures. With this step, the web became more user-friendly.

If it were not for the web, the number of internet users would not have boomed from several million in the early 1990s to more than 400 million people in 2000. And 2000s mark the threshold of the concept of wireless internet for all.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his life-changing innovation, World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee was heard appealing internet users to strive to maintain “complete control” of their data, in a media interaction.




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