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GEMS Education organises Road Safety campaign in partnership with RTA, STS and Road Safety UAE
Students pledge ‘#GEMSSAFETYFIRST’ to follow traffic rules and road safety, Week-long workshops organised by GEMS Education, RTA, STS and Road Safety UAE supported by GEMS Education staff and parent community

GEMS Education in collaboration with Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), School Transport Services (STS) and Road Safety UAE, organised a week-long Road Safety Campaign to spread awareness among students concerning road safety, traffic regulations and protocols. As road safety is a fundamental concern for drivers as well as pedestrians throughout the UAE, GEMS Education hosted the road safety week to make contributions to constructing a safer community and creating awareness about traffic safety.

Organised by the Traffic Awareness Section of the Traffic Department at RTA and STS, the campaign aimed at developing a positive change in the society and inspiring young kids to obey to traffic rules for their own safety and that of others on the road. The campaign highlighted key road safety practices to reach out to the community in a special and interactive way.

Deema Hussein, Traffic Awareness Senior Manager, Traffic Department at RTA, said; “Working hand in hand with STS on Road Safety Week will assist us attain a safer driving surroundings for all road users. We prolong our efforts, via this campaign, to change the mindset of youth and how they think and act about road safety. We target to teach them on responsible safety habits, which are an essential element in developing Dubai’s road infrastructure to being absolutely world-class.”

Paul Slater, Vice President Health and Safety at GEMS Education said: “It is essential that students learn about road safety from a very early age, it is worth noting that road traffic accidents are one of the main causes of death amongst kids in the UAE. Children can play an vital role in influencing their parents, siblings, friends and family. Through this awareness campaign, we hope that students learn the significance of wearing seat belts and road safety in common and take the message beyond the school and home to the community at large.”

During the Road Safety Week, numerous activities have been carried out throughout the schools together with awareness camps, debates, competitions and the development of Safety Ambassadors with the STS Smart Safety Bus.

Steve Burnell, Managing Director at STS said: “As an essential strategic service partner to the education community, it is our duty to constantly teach road safety habits among students and the broader community. We are grateful to all our partners who came forward in taking the road safety message and making this campaign a success.”

Thomas Edelmann, Managing Director, Roadsafety UAE said: “Nearly 60% of road fatalities in the UAE happen due to non-use of Seat belts. We have to teach our kids about safe behavior as early as possible.”

As per the traffic authorities, recklessness has remained the primary reason of deadly accidents in the UAE.




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