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GEMS Education launches new safety partnership with Dubai Police for Anti-Bullying Week

GEMS Education launches new safety partnership with Dubai Police for Anti-Bullying Week

GEMS Education, the world's biggest K-12 private education provider is sustaining Anti-Bullying Week (15-20 November 2020) with a series of campaigns and programmes targeted at making youths familiar with bullying behaviour, preventing it and equipping them to speak out.

This year GEMS has partnered with Dubai Police to take part in a pilot plan to introduce a 'Safety Ambassador Programme' (SAP), where students are educated to sustain their peers with issues such as cyber-crime and intimidation.

GEMS has nine schools taking part in the pilot and, following the success of the brand-new campaign, intends to roll it out further. The SAP is an evidence-based program that utilizes the power of students supplying youngsters rights, to prevent and stop the mistreatment.

GEMS schools pride themselves on producing a physically and mentally risk-free setting for all pupils to find out and flourish in and have constantly created new student-led campaigns to equip students to shape their institution neighbourhoods and positively influence the lives and wellbeing of their fellow pupils.

Sara Hedger, Head of Child Safeguarding and Child Protection, said: "GEMS Education has always led an anti-bullying ideology and ensuring our pupils are risk-free and pleased is of vital value. We are delighted to companion with Dubai Police on the Student Ambassador Programme. This initiative is not only helping to promote a deeper feeling of unity and support in our getting involved schools, yet is boosting the pupils understanding of the law and their rights."

Naoufel Boussafa, the Coordinator-- Awareness and Education section, Dubai Police, said: "Dubai Police are delighted to work with GEMS Education on this campaign. The Safety Ambassadors Programme with GEMS Education relies upon the "inside-out" strategy to enhancing school environment. Student onlookers see, listen to, and know points grownups don't and can interfere in ways adults can't. This partnership programme encourages students and further allows schools to take one of the most appropriate strategies."

This year, due to the pandemic, youngsters throughout the area are spending even more time on online systems and social media and making students familiar with on the internet threats, unkind remarks and exactly how to manage them is a big part of the job of GEMS anti-bullying recognition job.