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GEMGOW attracts leading global investor Boris Birshtein

GEMGOW attracts leading global investor Boris Birshtein

GEMGOW, a new online platform designed to facilitate the trading of precious stones and materials, today announced that it is investing in Boris Birshtein, a Canadian businessman and world renowned investor. Birshtein's total investments in GEMGOW have not been disclosed.

The online site allows users to trade in diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other precious stones in hard and unprocessed form and other polished stones. The site can be accessed through its website www.gemgow.com or through a mobile application on the iOS and Android interfaces.

Naum Koen, Founder and CEO of GEMGOW, said: “The main purpose of the GEMGOW platform is to create a centralized virtual space where investors and companies in the gem and jewelry industry can engage in lucrative business relationships, regardless of location or language”.
The value of the stones currently available on the platform exceeds US $ 100 million. The newly formed partnership is expected to promote the growth of the Gemgow platform and further enhance its value in the market.

A businessman with vast international experience, Birshtein was one of the first to build bridges between the growing economies of the former Soviet republics and the strong, economically developed countries of the West.

A former old-school businessman, Birshtein - former president of Siebko, An investment and trading company - aligns with modern trends and sees GEMGOW as a blend of the traditional sphere of trading precious stones with the latest technologies and tools.

GEMGOW was developed in 2017 by NY Koen Group in Dubai. The NY Koen Group is a group of companies with diverse experience in the related to precious stones business, jewelry design and retail and information technology sectors.