• GE Presents Integrated Roadmap in Line with the Ministry of Energy and Water’s strategic Plan to Strengthen Lebanon’s Power Sector
GE Presents Integrated Roadmap in Line with the Ministry of Energy and Water’s strategic Plan to Strengthen Lebanon’s Power Sector

GE (NYSE: GE) presented a comprehensive roadmap to support the 2010 Ministry of Power and Water's prepare for the growth of Lebanon's power sector from the factor of generation, to transmission, distribution as well as consumption at a workshop themed 'Powering Lebanon Onward'. The occasion was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy as well as Water as well as attended by over 140 participants, including H.E. Cesar Abi Khalil, Lebanon's Minister of Energy and Water, H.E. Elizabeth H. Richard, United States Ambassador to Lebanon, government authorities, market specialists, power plant proprietors and drivers, design, purchase and also building (EPC) specialists, programmers, experts and also others.

H.E. Cesar Abi Khalil, Lebanon’s Minister of Energy and Water, said, “Our foremost commitment is to build the electricity infrastructure of the country to meet the shortage of power, which is important to drive infrastructure development and all-round progress. We can transform the country’s power ecosystem with the active participation of private sector corporations such as GE, whose comprehensive roadmap and technologies meet our requirements to develop the strong fundamentals needed for a sustainable energy future for our country.”

According to price quotes, Lebanon has a power deficiency of 1.5 gigawatts (GW). In addition, the need for power is projected to continue expanding at an approximated five percent annually from 2018 to 2021, and also at 3 percent beyond 2021 via throughout of 2030. The obstacle of generation lacks is further intensified by grid-related issues such as shabby networks and also unauthorized links.

The roadmap has proposed to:

Add up to 1.5 GW through fast power technology and new simple cycle power plants that are tri-fuel capable - able to run on heavy fuel oil (HFO), light diesel oil (LDO) and natural gas, as well as wind power plants that can help to generate clean energy, in the short-term.

Increase power generation capacity by up to an additional 1.3 GW through new combined cycle power plants, the conversion of simple cycle power plants to combined cycle power plants so that more power can be generated from the same amount of fuel, and new wind power farms, in the medium-term.

Bring online up to another 2.7 GW to meet the country’s energy needs through new combined cycle power plants and renewable energy facilities, in the long-term.

Strengthen the grid through extensions to up to 6 existing substations and developing up to 17 new substations.

Install an Integrated Energy Management system to allow the Ministry to identify losses in the network.

"GE has existed in Lebanon considering that the early development of its power market, with the first GE vapor generator in the country appointed in 1987 as well as the initial GE gas turbines going into procedures in 1996. Today, we are thrilled to build on this tradition of payments with a thorough roadmap for the electrification of Lebanon that can help strengthen the country's power market for existing as well as future generations and build the foundations needed to make it possible for progression for the people," said Midhat Mirabi, General Supervisor of GE's Power Providers business in the East Mediterranean, North Africa and also Iraq sub-region.

GE runs throughout more than 20 nations in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (MENAT) and also has sustained the advancement of the region's power industry for more than 80 years. Today, greater than 2,450 GE gas as well as heavy steam turbines are installed by over 360 customers in MENAT and also can generate up to a 3rd of the area's power. The firm additionally has workplaces in Beirut with over 90 straight and also indirect employees.




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