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Ford's Car Hacks: Everything You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Car's Battery - What To Do When Your Car Does Not Launch

A healthy battery is one of many key components for proper vehicle operation. It helps to start the engine and enable the electronics to run. It lets you charge your phone and play your music - even if the machine is off.

As you might expect, automotive batteries gradually lose power over time, and hot weather is especially difficult on them - but some simple preventive measures will go a long way toward keeping your carbattery in tip-top condition.

One of the major safety concerns with batteries is the small chance of shock. Car batteries are referred to as "lead-acid" because they contain lead plates that are submerged in sulfuric acid because they store and release electricity.

Even if your car is too weak to start with, a battery may still shock you - so don't smoke near it. Also, be careful on tools when tightening or loosening terminal connectors; Tools can easily slip the gap between the positive and negative ends, leading to burns or a shock.

Keep cable connections clean and tight. Corrugated battery terminals and connectors reduce the starter motor ability to draw current from the battery, and the charging system tops it. You can remove corrosion from the terminals and connectors by using a hard brush, sandpaper or wire brush.

If you have caps that allow you to check the battery water level, keep it full mark, usually under an inch from the top of the cell. You can use distilled water, but tap water is fine. Eye Protection - Wear protective glasses or glasses - while doing so.
The battery is usually placed with a retaining bar - and it should be tight enough so the battery doesn't slide around.

Battery sound but if your car is too weak to start, the transformer can recharge it while you drive. The trick is to get to the car, and jump-startting often does the job. But before you take out the cables, check your vehicle's owner's manual for detailed instructions on what to do. Some car manufacturers advise against jump-start to protect the car's electronics from electricity.

Some batteries have a "state of charge" indicator: a fully charged battery has a color indicator, usually green or red. If it is black or clear the battery is completely discharged and you should not attempt to recharge or jump.

If you don't know why your battery has malfunctioned, check it out. Almost any dealership service department can check the status of your battery and charging system in a matter of minutes, and many will make this service free to loyal service customers.

Your nearest Quick Lane Service Center will complete this service without an appointment. Each Quick Lane service center holds a stack of batteries for all types of vehicles, from Motorcraft (Ford) and OmniCraft (all other products). Click on this link to find your nearest Quick Lane Service Center.




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