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Ford Transit Remains Vehicle of Choice for Middle East Ambulance Converters and Operators

More and more Middle East ambulance service operators are trusting the safe and efficient operation of their business to the Ford Transit.

Commercial vehicle sales in the GCC noticed a 61 per cent increase in quantity year-on-year in 2019, driven by an extend in demand for Ford trucks like the Ranger, F-150 and Super Duty.

While volume was driven by a increase in demand for Ford trucks, the Transit witnessed a 48 per cent increase in sales throughout the GCC in 2019. That echoes results seen in the US where Ford Transit was America’s best-selling van for 2019 and attained its excellent sales performance since its introduction in 2014. Ford has now been America’s best-selling commercial van maker for 41 straight years

The Transit has garnered an enviable recognition globally as a versatile work tool given its wide preference of powertrain and wheelbase configurations. In the Middle East, 63 per cent of two-ton Transits sold have been destined for conversion into ambulances, and Ford expects this to rise substantially during 2020 as more and more ambulance operators turn to the Transit as their vehicle of choice.

“We’re seeing an increasing quantity of clients throughout the region turning to the Transit as their trusted ambulance of choice,” stated Adriaan Coetzee, director of Fleet and Commercial Vehicles, Ford Direct Markets. “The Transit’s winning combination of engine, drivetrain and available wheelbase configurations make it an apparent preference for ambulance conversions – and the unparalleled aftersales service means complete peace-of-mind for operators in the Gulf.”

Dubai-based experts NAFFCO – one of Ford’s trusted Qualified Vehicle Modifiers – builds and exports more than 3000 ambulances a year to over 100 markets globally, which includes each and every country in the GCC.

“The Transit provides us a broad range of customisation and fabrication options for our units, from the Transit 150 up to the 350, and with distinctive types of wheelbase we can choose and fit any requirements of our customer,” stated Huthaifa Hamidi, Export Manager at NAFFCO’s vehicles division. “NAFFCO’s collaboration with Ford gives us a huge potential to our customers. We have delivered more than 200 vehicles to our clients who are very comfortable with the service than is provided by Ford.”

Finland-based Profile Vehicles produces 600 ambulances from its three factories in Finland, Estonia and Hungary which it ships to markets throughout Europe and the Middle East.

“The motive we think Ford Transit is a certainly a suitable fit for ambulance work is because of the powertrain,” stated Narinder Singh, Business Development Executive for Profile Vehicles. “It has a very powerful V6 engine with adequate horsepower for the region. We additionally get excellent support from Ford which helps a lot.”

Part of Transit’s attraction to converters in the ease with which the vehicle can be transformed. The base vehicle can be ordered with the ambulance prep-package which consists of dual heavy-duty batteries, heavy-duty alternator, limited-slip axle, fixed side- and rear-door glass, and a modified vehicle wiring system.

“This saves us, as converters, a lot of time and money when it comes to making the vehicle,” stated Singh.

In just 5 years since its introduction to the region, Transit has turn out to be the chassis of preference in the region as the industry turns towards the Transit for its built-in safety attributes and convertor-friendly configuration. With huge tenders out for consideration in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai and other GCC markets, Ford expects the Transit to in addition enhance its foothold in the region in 2020.




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