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Eucalyptus tree planted at Expo 2020 symbolises strength, resilience of Australia’s friendship with the UAE

A eucalyptus tree has been planted at Expo 2020 Dubai in a exhibit of friendship and support from the UAE as Australia continues to combat devastating bushfires.

Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Cooperation and Director General of Expo 2020 Dubai Bureau; His Excellency Abdullah Ali Ateeq Al Sabousi, UAE Ambassador to Australia; Her Excellency Heidi Venamore, Australian Ambassador to the UAE; Justin McGowan, Australia’s Commissioner General to Expo 2020; and His Excellency Ian Halliday, Consul General of Australia in Dubai, were in attendance.

With its seeds capable to live on fires and generate new growth, the eucalyptus tree – covering 75 per cent of Australia’s forests and a source of food for its indigenous animals – symbolises the resilience of the friendship shared between Australia and the UAE, and our potential to unite for a better future.

His Excellency Abdullah Ali Ateeq Al Sabousi, said: “As Australia bravely battles the ongoing bushfires, I desire to highlight and reaffirm to all Australians the UAE’s steadfast dedication of support and friendship. This eucalyptus tree does exactly that – a small but effective gesture of the enduring bond shared between our two countries.”

Her Excellency Heidi Venamore, Australian Ambasasdor to the UAE, said: “The outpouring of support from the UAE Government and UAE more widely for the bushfire efforts has been really humbling. We are grateful for the offers of help and expressions of team spirit at this time. Many regions in Australia continue to be unaffected and will proceed to provide travelers the incredible tourism experiences that our country is well known for. People can also assist Australia by continuing to buy Australian, and to visit, study and make investments in Australia.”

After Expo 2020 ends on 10 April 2021, the tree will continue to be part of District 2020 – Expo 2020’s mixed-use legacy project that will reuse at least 80 per cent of Expo’s constructed environment – as a permanent image of the enduring bond between both countries.




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