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Sky News Arabia Launches ‘Search for a Star’ Campaign to Recruit New Faces

Sky News Arabia Launches ‘Search for a Star’ Campaign to Recruit New Faces

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Sky News Arabia has currently launched an innovative campaign entitled ‘Search for a Star’ to pick out and train talented young Arab students searching to enter the world of media.

The campaign is held in collaboration with 15 universities in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt and Jordan and is part of Sky News Arabia’s 9th annual graduate training programme.

“Sky News Arabia has exceptional trust in the youth,” stated Mahra Al Yaqoubi, Head of Training Services at Sky News Arabia. “We are dedicated to offering these young talents with opportunities to break into the media sector. With that in mind, we launched this campaign as an initiative to help young Arabs who aspire to work in the media sector and be seen and heard by a large audience from throughout the Arab region via Sky News Arabia’s various platforms.”

“’Search for a Star’ is part of our Training Programme, first launched in 2012, to replicate the network’s dedication to the youth and of course, towards training and qualifying a new generation of media experts in the region,” mentioned Al Yaqoubi.

Participating universities are set to announce the campaign and open doors for applications, inviting fascinated students to submit their entries before February 17 throughout three categories such as TV, Radio and Digital. Each university will nominate 20 applicants to join the campaign, after which applications would endure a thorough evaluation carried out with the aid of an expert panel of judges from Sky News Arabia to shortlist the top performing submissions. Shortlisted students will enter a competition to exhibit innovative television, radio, and digital content that would be published on the Sky News Arabia social pages and website and voted for by members of the public to select the wining 16 entries.

Winners will be introduced at a different ceremony at the New York University Abu Dhabi campus before joining Sky News Arabia’s training programme and take part in practical and theory-based courses at the channel’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi. Upon completion of their training, Sky News Arabia will provide 6 exceptional performers full-time fieldwork job placements. Students that perform incredibly well during their fieldwork job placements will additionally have the opportunity to take part in all-expenses paid internships at the Sky News Arabia bureaus in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The campaign coincides with Sky News Arabia’s recent launch of better news bulletins and famous programmes that feature new content and programming throughout the network’s screens, digital platforms, and smart applications.

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