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Energy Healing: Supporting Wellness Inside Out.

Energy Healing: Supporting Wellness Inside Out.

That someone can paint an accurate picture of your health concerns, medical history, perhaps even undiagnosed disorders and genetic predispositions, without even having met you?

That you can enter into deep states of meditative trance without having years of deep meditative experience?

To change deep-seated patterns, beliefs, emotions to create a different reality and be closer to your true potential?
 Yes, It's possible…

Any health issue, emotional or other disturbances in our life is just a symptom of deep unhealed inner workings within us. These inner experiences manifest outside as physical diseases, emotional traumas, relationship issues, repeating patterns, financial or career-related obstacles etc. Once identified the imbalance or disturbances can be naturally put to order. Today this science of energy healing is backed by research and science is now only corroborating what ancients had known all along
The innate healing power of the mind is within reach of every one of us and once we access this wisdom within healing follows. Our emotions also play an important role in our ability to heal. Positive feelings produce neurochemicals that strengthen the immune system; negative, repressed, or distorted emotions can decrease immune response and open the door to a variety of health problems. This is why emotional well-being is an important aspect of mind-body healing.


About Kanicka 

Kanicka is an Aura and Energy Sciences specialist dedicated to assisting her clients to uncover these hidden blocks and patterns that are deeply embedded in their subconscious mind. She works using techniques that restore the harmonious connection between mind, body and emotions so that issues resolve naturally and spontaneously from within.

In her private consultations, Kanicka uses Bio-Field Reader to assess the energetic imbalances in the Aura. She uses this knowledge to understand the core issue and helps clients in dissolving their embedded blocks and patterns.