EHS Translates Efforts in Zero Bureaucracy with Preventive Dental Check-Up for Students

Emirates Health Services (EHS) has made significant strides in reducing bureaucracy and enhancing the efficiency of government services in the field of preventative dental check-ups for school students. This accomplishment aligns with national visions and supports the goals of the "Zero Bureaucracy" program, aiming to streamline processes and improve customer experiences across sectors.

The innovative preventative dental check-up program for school students spearheaded by EHS has yielded tangible progress by simplifying procedures and enhancing the overall customer experience. These efforts are expected to result in a reduction of 24,000 annual visits in the future, demonstrating EHS's commitment to providing effective healthcare services efficiently.

H.E. Dr. Essam Al Zarooni, Acting Executive Director of the Clinical Services Sector at Emirates Health Services, expressed pride in the achievements made in eliminating bureaucracy and improving the effectiveness of dental check-up services. Dr. Al Zarooni highlighted the program's potential to reduce treatment duration by 12 months per customer, facilitating quicker access to healthcare.

Dr. Haifa Hannawi, Director of the Dental Services Department at EHS, emphasized the program's impact on reducing orthodontic visits for each customer by 50% in the future. This initiative is expected to decrease the number of treatment visits from 24 to 12 per customer, alleviating waiting times and congestion in health centers. Additionally, parents are projected to save an average of 10,000 AED per student in orthodontic treatment costs.

Digital enhancements to the preventative dental check-up service have achieved a 100% digital transformation, simplifying procedures for obtaining care. These enhancements will enable faster and more effective access to care for students and their parents.

The achievements of EHS underscore its commitment to improving customer experiences and providing efficient healthcare services in alignment with national goals.

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