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Dubai Maritime City Authority joins UAE’s celebration of World Labour Day

Dubai Maritime City Authority joins UAE’s celebration of World Labour Day

The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) joined the UAE in celebrating World Labour Day. Senior DMCA officials organized a friendly meeting as well as staged an educational workshop on safety and first aid for local fishermen as part of the Authority’s celebration. The activities at Fishermen’s Port 2 in Dubai were held in cooperation with the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services and Ports Aid Division.

About 250 fishermen, who took part in the event, received souvenirs in recognition of their hard work and serious efforts to preserve the fishing profession, which is as an integral part of the UAE’s rich cultural heritage and a major component of the local maritime sector.

The celebration was in line with DMCA’s commitment to protect the rights of the workers in the industry, create a safe, supportive, and conducive work environment for them, and bring them happiness and satisfaction at the highest level. This commitment is in line with the directives of the country’s wise leaders to bring happiness to every UAE citizen and resident. The government is also raising the level of awareness of fishermen about occupational health and safety.

Amer Ali, Executive Director of DMCA, was delighted over the fishermen’s active participation in the nation’s commemoration of World Labour Day. He was all praises for their contributions as partners in the development, organization, and promotion of the steadily growing and highly competitive local maritime sector.

Ali added: "We are honoured to join the country’s celebration of World Labour Day which saw the national government emphasizing the important role of our workers, who are an integral part of the UAE’s steady development. We continue to ensure the safety and happiness of our workers, a top government priority, as part of our national responsibility and contribution to the fulfilment of the government’s aspirations.”

“We are moving forward to create a fair, secure, and productive work environment where the solid values of respect, equality, and equal opportunities are flourishing. In doing this, we will always keep in mind our goal of making Dubai and the UAE a strong global advocate for the rights, freedom, and well-being of our workers,” he added.

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