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Dubai Health Experience explores new trends in health tourism post-COVID-19

Dubai Health Experience explores new trends in health tourism post-COVID-19

In collaboration with Dubai Health Experience (DXH) and Knight Frank, the Health Tourism Department of the Dubai Health Authority organised a webinar on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, following the topic ‘Re-energizing Medical Tourism in Dubai’. 

Starring an educational assembly targeting the health tourism sector, the panellists included Mohamed Al Mheiri, Director, Health Tourism Department, Dubai Health Authority; 

Shehzad Jamal, Partner, Healthcare and Education, Knight Frank Middle East; Dr Mohaymen Abdelghany, CEO of Al Zahra Hospital, Dubai; 

Andre Daoud, CEO of Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centers, Dubai; and Joe Hawayek, Senior Director, Head of Health (MEA), Aetna.
During the webinar, Al Mheiri said that the healthcare providers in Dubai have exemplified their forces and capabilities to lead the fight against COVID-19, and this is extremely evident in the events of the very high rate of recovery in the emirate and the UAE. 

The pandemic has tiled the way for the healthcare industry to take a closer look at its abilities to curb the extent of the condition, including the use of telehealth and the implementation of higher safety measures in hospitals to resume full outpatient and inpatient activities.
Dubai estimates for the largest share in the regional medical tourism market and is amongst the top healthcare destinations in the world thanks to its exceptional patient care and state-of-the-art methods and healthcare diagnostics and technology.

The panel of specialists in the webinar also addressed the opportunities open in key sources businesses as the world continues to navigate the uncertainties brought about by COVID-19. 

It further explored the discussions on the value of second medical opinion through telehealth from the UAE’s perspective and raised the matter on international medical tourists’ coverage and the inclusion of wellness services.
“The Health Tourism Department continues to raise its level of support to Dubai’s efforts to become the world’s most preferred health tourism destination and centre of excellence for accredited healthcare facilities. 

As we look beyond the COVID-19 crisis, we are poised to increase the adoption of prevention and alternative health practices in the emirate as some of the important health measures that can enhance one’s health immunity and promote a healthy lifestyle,” Al Mheiri concluded