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Dubai Customs celebrates the graduation of its first class of Diamonds Diploma

Dubai Customs celebrates the graduation of its first class of Diamonds Diploma

Dubai Customs celebrates the graduation of its first class of Diamonds Diploma

Dubai Customs celebrated the graduation of the first class of employees who successfully completed the Gems and Diamonds Diploma, which was initiated by the Customs in collaboration with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) – a pioneer in this field. The institute was the first to introduce the 4C’s grading chart (color, cut, clarity and carat-weight) and the GIA 7 Pearl Value Factors (size, shape, color, nacre, luster, surface, and matching).

The Diamonds programme combines theory and hands-on practical learning to teach how to grade diamonds in the D-Z color range based on the GIA-created 4Cs of diamond quality. Students learn how to use gemological equipment to grade and identify diamonds; to detect synthetics, treatments, simulants and fracture-filled diamonds; and to confidently speak the language of diamonds to suppliers, vendors and customers.

The two-month program aims at enabling Dubai Customs employees to perform their tasks, with further empowerment, knowledge and professional confidence, when dealing with this field; while also being agile in handling the quick inspection devices and in understanding the characteristics and quality of diamond. This helps a great deal in collecting fair and reasonable customs fees, preventing customs duty evasion, distinguishing genuine and fake diamond and ultimately protecting the best interest of the end consumer.

Butti Al Jumairi, Executive Director of Human Resources, Finance and Administration Division, noted that the Diamonds Diploma helps in building the capacities and knowledge of DC employees, granting them more self-competence in dealing with diamonds while adhering to scientifically accurate, transparent and professional international standards on this subject matter. This comes in line with the strategic goals of the organization in facilitating legitimate trade and protecting the society.

He went on to say that this practical experience will add up to the employees’ capacity in performing their duties with optimal professionalism and will help them appropriately handle imports of jewelleries and diamonds, especially that Dubai is the Middle East’s hotspot for diamonds trading. This will also positively impact on the good image of Dubai Customs.
Nirupa Bhatt, managing director of GIA in India and the Middle East, said: “Dubai is perceived as a fundamental international hub for gem and jewellery, and it is expected to handle even more exports and imports in this area.”

She remarked that there is an immense need nowadays for qualified specialists; and the GIA is honoured to deliver the Diamond Diploma to Dubai Customs inspectors. “We look forward to continuing to serve to the business sectors by providing a variety of specialized courses in Gemology.”

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