• Dubai City Souks
Dubai City Souks

Dubai City Souks
By Emma Healey

A souk is a market place where all types of goods are marketed or traded. Initially the souks were located near the docks and were used as trading areas for goods brought right into the nation on ships from India, Ceylon, China and the Far East. In the past the goods being haggled over were products such as flavors, fragrances and silk, nowadays you can get anything from gold to designer products to electronic products.

The Gold Souk

With more than 300 Gold Souks in Dubai, this is the place to go shopping as it is considered to be the most inexpensive place in the world to buy gold as there is no tax on gold and the import duties are very low. There is a huge selection of gold offered here, consisting of such items as rings, bracelets, jewelries, chains, necklaces, necklaces and hair devices. You will find both modern and standard layouts made from different coloured gold including yellow, white, pink or even green tones.

The Flavor Souk

Here you will be astonished by the scent of all the seasonings available. The flavors here are imported from the Middle East and sold directly from the sacks that they show up in. Goods on sale include saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, dried out fruit and nuts to name just a few.

The Fish Souk

Open in the morning and late during the night, this is a fascinating souk to check out. Here you will certainly find a substantial selection of different fish including lobster, crab, prawns, squid, shark, red snapper, sea bream, rock cod, king fish, barracuda, tuna, mackerel and sardines all which are landed by the local fishermen.

The Perfume Souk

Here you will smell the scents of hundreds of different perfumes, from the traditional ittars (Arabian perfume) to all the current designer perfumes. If you can not locate a fragrance you like the store owners here will blend a potion to your preference. The traditional fragrances below vary from western perfumes as they have a really strong spicy odor.

There is far more to see and do in Dubai but also for those that prefer to go shopping a visit to a souk is a have to when on your straight vacations to this fantastic country.

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