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  • The Dubai City Gold Market - The Best Place To Buy Gold
The Dubai City Gold Market - The Best Place To Buy Gold

The Dubai City Gold Market - The Best Place To Buy Gold
By Kish S

The gold market in Dubai is popular throughout the world and almost every tourist should have come across it or would come across it the minute he or she lands down there. The city truly deserves its epithet 'city of gold' due to the fact that none of the various other gold markets worldwide would certainly compare to the gold market in Dubai - not in its charm or the wealth of gems on open display.

The Dubai gold souk is located in one of the slim alleys of the old Deira area, a place which any kind of vacationer should have the ability to locate easily.

If you are still unsure pertaining to ways to get there you could always ask your hotel assistant to guide you. Your initial see to this market will be a lot more surreal than you could have probably envisioned it to be.

As westerners, we are more or less made use of to cool, shut atmosphere stores, well; if that has actually been your experience with shopping in the past then you remain in for rather a shock.

The gold souk is more or less an open air market, including more than 300 jewelry stores. So assure that you arrange your visit to this market appropriately. It would take quite a while to window store via all them. The jewelry on screen normally consists of the typical bangles, amulets, all the best beauties, necklaces, pendants and even the strange foot bracelets.

Yet this is also the place where you will acquire gold in the ingot type also, yet make sure that like every other market worldwide, you will certainly locate dubious dealers below as well (however, not too many in my experience). There've been situations of artificial gold being passed off to the client as the genuine McCoy, so ensure that while you are buying your products, to keep an eye out for the characteristic icon, a circle encircling a 'H'.

The very best time to visit the markets can be the late mid-day, when the sunlight would not be so severe on the skin. If you are staying at one of the hotels on the beachfront, after that you will certainly be glad to notice that these resorts use their visitors cost-free shuttle trips to the Deira markets, such visits typically taking place in the mid-day. You would be able to shop right here even after sunset given that the majority of these shops are generally open till 10 pm given that a lot of the tourists seem to visit these shops just after the sunlight has set.

The main (and biggest) attraction of the Dubai gold market over any other market is the small cost that is charged over there. As compared to markets in other areas like, say, Europe, the rate is reduced right here by as much as 60%! This is crazzzzyy! Currently this is something, that we can extol to our friends and family throughout the world.

While buying at the gold souk, aim to utilize money as opposed to charge card given that you would certainly be able to bargain far better. Cash is king and would offer you working out power with the merchant. I am specific that you will certainly have quite an amazing time going to the gold souks of Dubai. Ensure you bag a lots of gold at dirt cheap rates!

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