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Diet Care launches 14 nutritional programs that matches every lifestyle

Diet Care launches 14 nutritional programs that matches every lifestyle

Diet Care, Kuwait’s leading provider of health and nutritional programs and services launched its new diet plan packages. The packages feature around ten different nutritional programs for those seeking weight loss or weight management. The fourteen programs namely Medicare, Slim Down, Sports, Maternity, Lifestyle, Weigh up, 5ive a week, Select, Lite ,The Family, Consultation and 3 specialised programs for youth that are specific to each user's dietary needs, whether looking for general weight loss or a healthy lifestyle.

Youth can select from 3 customized plans namely “Youthful”, which provides youth with nutrients to keep their energy levels high, “School Youthbox” which help students focus and learn better and “Youthsome” which help youth stay on track and maintain the positive results achieved.

Commenting on the new diet plans, Sarah Dimashkieh, Director of Clinical Operations, Diet Care said: “We have spent the last several months redefining our brand and customer experience and are excited to expand and launch these ten new plans. These new meal plans make it easier for customers to reach their health goals.”

"We want to empower customers with the tools and guidance they need to better manage their health, live a happier and more balanced life, and have the freedom to enjoy all of the things they love. With healthy habits, we can reduce the risk of obesity and many chronic diseases among children, adolescents and adult in our society. At Diet Care we are proud to offer a resource that will help people make smart choices every day."
Diet Care understands that different people have different requirements and these programs can make the difference between individuals deciding to commit to a weight loss or diet program. Diet Care also has a number of consultants who will guide individuals on their nutritional needs and intakes.

The new diet plans are available throughout the three Diet care branches and 16 boutiques across Kuwait.

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