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Darlie Global Opens Manufacturing Facility for Personal Care Products in Dubai

Darlie Global Opens Manufacturing Facility for Personal Care Products in Dubai

Darlie Global FZC, owner and supplier of natural wellness products, has opened up a factory in the UAE as part of its campaign to pioneer a series of products satisfying an expanding variety of customers looking for much healthier and more all-natural choices in individual care. The center will in your area create global personal and oral care brands - Dr. Neem and Mr. Darlie. Dr. Neem is a global pioneering brand of individual hygiene products made of all-natural ingredients and devoid of unsafe chemicals, while Mr. Darlie is a global brand name understood for its innovative range of lasting osustainable oral healthcare options.

Both Dr. Neem and Mr. Darlie products will certainly be made in the company's manufacturing device in Dubai, making use of the country's strategic location as a regional center for exports and making it sensible for the company to broaden its market reach. In addition, the UAE is among the top markets in the region for these products. Recent market researches have revealed that demand for natural and natural products in the country remains to obtain traction with retail rooms raising by 60 percent during the last four years.

Sakib M. Rahman, Chief Executive Officer, Darlie Global FZC, stated: "Presenting Dr. Neem and Mr. Darlie to the MENA market is a wonderful opportunity as demand for natural and healthy products continue to grow in this region. We are originally introducing them here in the UAE while seeking to broaden throughout the region to accommodate a consumer base that values health and wellness products that is available of customers providing more worth to cost. We are confident that both brands will right away have a market complying with offered their innovative mix of ingredients that appeal normally to consumers' choices."

Dr. Neem, known for its high quality all-natural components and affordability while guaranteeing schedule of a variety of customer products, intends to fill the gap for this specific niche market within the region. It has a large line of hair and body treatment, charm and skin treatment, baby care, in addition to home treatment products, consisting of the solution of prominent all-natural active ingredients oud and camel milk to deal with regional choices. Various other products contain natural essences from neem and various other unique mixes of aloe vera and yoghurt, rose and berries, almond and olive, camel milk and other natural fragrances.

On the dental health care front, Darlie Global brings to the region, Mr. Darlie, a global innovator in dental health care products, using a vast array of gel toothpastes, an innovative formula of enamel protect toothpaste, and a competitive series of oral treatment products.

Rahman ended: "We expect witness the fast growth of Dr. Neem and Mr. Darlie throughout MENA to give countless customers with the best and the most inexpensive individual treatment and health solutions. Dr. Neem and Mr. Darlie are introducing global products and we are positive they will right away attract the region's critical consumers."