Celebrate Your Movember Success With Nivea Men

NIVEA MEN, the global leader in men skin care, gives you the secret tools to celebrate your movember success with the NIVEA MEN Originals skin care range guaranteeing the best shave to look good and feel great.
The range, which was voted product of the year for the Gulf in male skin care category, offers a wide range of caring products covering all male grooming needs.

Movember is all about the engagement and commitment of men during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer and other male cancers and thats why NIVEA MEN is helping you put your best self forward and end the month with the perfect grooming experience.

The preparation for your skin right before each shave is crucial to avoid irritation. When you shave, the blade passes down the surface of the skin, the outermost layer of the skin is removed along with the hair. By removing this protective barrier, skin becomes dehydrated and the blade can also cause invisible microcuts, which can lead to irritations.

Start by cleaning the surface of your skin with NIVEA MEN Originals Refreshing Face Wash, which will help in reducing the likelihood of razor drag and a bad shave. The NIVEA MEN Shaving Gel with Ultra glide Technology contains vitamin E and moisturizers to help prevent moisture loss and keep skin looking healthy. The Ultra glide Technology , improves razor glide and helps protect against micro cuts, shave irritations, and provides a close and extra comfortable shave. After shaving, make sure to splash your face with cold water to help close pores, then reach for a soothing after-shave product. NIVEA MEN After Shave Balms or NIVEA MEN Face moisturizers that will immediately soothe discomfort after shaving and actively holds moisture in the skin preventing it from drying out.

Movember is a crucial initiative for engaging with men and raising awareness on important health issues and thats why NIVEA MEN are helping them get back into shape with our range of products promising a fresh, clean look that suits every skin type and grooming routine.

Whether you use a straight razor, a safety razor, or blades of ice hockey skates it doesnt matter just shave with any fresh blade but choose the best shaving gels.

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