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CARE International in Jordan Concludes Photography Training for Jordanian and Refugee adolescents, and Holds (Photos Can Talk) Exhibition

CARE International in Jordan Concludes Photography Training for Jordanian and Refugee adolescents, and Holds (Photos Can Talk) Exhibition

To enhance self-confidence and develop communication skills, CARE International in Jordan, in cooperation with the Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation (PYALARA)), trained forty adolescents ranging in ages between 14 and 17 on photography and communication skills.

The training course, from 1 March until 19 March, trained adolescent participants from Jordan, and Iraqi, Syrian, Palestinian and Somali refugees, on photography skills, and using photography as a means to express themselves and their hopes and aspirations. The course also trained the adolescents on communication skills among themselves and between them and the outside community in which they live.
Today, this photography exhibition, entitled "Photos Can Talk", is inaugurated to become their artistic podium to defend their aspirations and hopes through art that brings together the inspired and creative spirit of youth and translates the life they wish to lead.

Salam Kanaan, CARE International Country Director in Jordan, commented on the training and exhibition, "We are pleased to inaugurate the “Photos Can Talk” exhibition. All the pictures were taken by the adolescents who participated in the training course, which focused on photography skills along with communication skills. The exhibition allows them to express themselves, their environment and their community. We are proud at CARE to have been able through this course to empower the adolescents, motivate their creative activities, and create an appropriate environment for them to communicate in a civil way their ideas and hopes".

It is noteworthy that the training and "Photos Can Talk" exhibition shed light on the growing needs of refugees in urban areas and the need to offer the necessary support for them within the host communities. It also highlighted the spirit of complementarily and cooperation that brings together the Jordanian society and the various refugees on one hand, and the refugees of various nationalities on the other.

CARE is an international organization that started operations in Jordan in 1948, in order to fulfill the needs of the refugees and less fortunate Jordanians. Its programs focus on women empowerment, civil society support, capacity building and effective response to emergencies. CARE believes that sustainable development requires effective and full participation by men and women in society to combat poverty and represent their points of view in their communities.

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