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Boursa Kuwait arranged "Financial Derivatives Market" consultation workshops

Boursa Kuwait arranged "Financial Derivatives Market" consultation workshops

Trading in derivatives to commence with the launch of phase four of the development plan

Boursa Kuwait has arranged a consultation workshop on derivatives, which was attended by representatives of the listed and not listed investment firms and brokerage companies, as part of its continuous attempts towards contributing to the growth of Kuwait's capital markets. The consultation on derivatives specifications and conditions is in line with the strategy of the Boursa Koweït for diversifying products and increasing liquidity, the latter of which is a key pillar that supports the growth of a more appealing investment platform.

Derivatives will be launched as part of phase four of the Market Development Plan, launched with the Capital Markets Authority and the Kuwait Clearing Group in 2017 by Boursa Kuwait. The launch will take place in conjunction with investment firms and other strategic stakeholders following an integrated derivatives research carried out by Boursa Kuwait. Boursa Kuwait held surveys and a Q&A session during the sitting, in which the participants raised their remarks and issues.

Ms. Noura Al-Abdul kareem, Acting Head of Markets Sector at Boursa Kuwait, said: “There is no doubt that the trading of derivatives to take a key position in the development of the Kuwaiti capital market. Over the previous few years, Boursa Kwait has made a significant difference and we are pioneering this journey of growth and raising the stock market profile on an international and regional basis.

We continually expand our product and service portfolio and offer more promising investments to boost market liquidity. We at Boursa Kuwait work to help Kuwait's economy develop and engage in meeting the development goals of the country”.

This workshop is one of a series of workshops that Boursa Kuwait is organizing to enhance the significance of transparency and communication with market players and to provide world-class products and services through discussions with appropriate stakeholders on market developments plans.