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BIO KOREA 2020 Delivers International Online Convention on What Biopharma Needs

BIO KOREA 2020 Delivers International Online Convention on What Biopharma Needs


The BIO KOREA Organizing Committee revealed it will hold the BIO KOREA 2020 International Convention scheduled for May 18–23 as an online conference as an alternative of an in-person event for this year.

The decision was made on the effect of COVID-19, the safety of the attendees and international health guidelines concerning large, in-person gatherings.

BIO KOREA 2020 Online Convention

Date: May 18 09:00 to 23 18:00 (KST)

Point of Access: www.biokorea.org

Program: Online Business Forum with Partnering, Virtual Exhibition, e-Conference, Invest Fair, Job Fair

Online Business Forum with Partnering

BIO KOREA 2020 Online Convention will focus on the digital collaboration with its Partnering system enabling attendees to plan virtual conferences to maximize their business improvement and licensing potential. International participation continues to grow. Numerous corporations from 20+ nations are already joined and predicted to show off their advanced technologies at BIO KOREA 2020.

Definitely anticipating to be a place where several sorts of discussion will be held, with Korean organizations as not just the companies which are leading bio industry in Korea such as LG Chem Life Science, Samsung Biologics, Celltrion, and Hanmi Pharmaceuticals, etc., additionally promising SMEs like Organoid Science, YBRAIN, and Amyloid Solution are attending to foster their business. And 24-hour meeting slots will let give a boost to your digital network throughout time zones.

Virtual Exhibition

The new format consists of Virtual Exhibition where has set to exhibit the modern technologies and products of exhibitors in a range of methods such as Digital Scan, Animation, 360° VR, and so on. 350+ exhibitors, from start-up to the international enterprise, will be at BIO KOREA's virtual exhibition and additionally there will be COVID-19 Special Zone to introduce South Korea's effective diagnostic tests, high-tech medical technology, and protocols.


The conference of BIO KOREA will additionally come with the online format beneath the theme of “A New Paradigm in the Age of Data Science” which include expert-level content centered on the most pressing enterprise topics inclusive of COVID-19, Vaccine, Alzheimer’s Disease, Electroceutical, Digital Pathology, Digital Therapeutics, AI (Artificial Intelligence). BIO KOREA 2020’s e-Conference, including 13 topics with 90+ speakers, will convey the most updated conversations in biopharma to your home office.

Invest Fair

Invest Fair is an event where pharmaceuticals, bio, and healthcare organizations that are advancing into the international market and creating new medicines introduce their most advantageous technology and investors to the companies’ vision and strategy. Along with online hosting, it keeps its attendance through wonderful lineups of 24 organizations such as GC Greencross, Celltrion, Tium BIO, and ABL Bio.

Job Fair

Aiming to place its most important goal in recruiting proficient people amongst undergraduates and postgraduates looking out for job vacancies in bio industry, organizations taking part in Job Fair will share their success hints in a number of fields. Amid present day bleak jobs pictures, about 30 organizations are attending with 150+ job openings.

Lastly, BIO KOREA stays dedicated to amplifying the industry’s efforts to enhance solutions for patients. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the unique sessions dealing with its diagnostic kits, therapeutics and vaccines, additionally sharing the cooperation among the governments, industries are prepared. Jerom Kim from IVI will deliver the Keynote speech for the COVID-19 unique session.

For more information, visit BIO KOREA’s Official Website: www.biokorea.org

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